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  1. LeoGaunt

    AUG Semi Auto Fire Only Selector Mod

    Yeah i think i cracked it, just make a groove inbetween the two groove already on the switch, then cut out a liitle cube the depth of the lower part, on the top back side that has the red dot on, if you can visualise that haha
  2. LeoGaunt

    AUG Semi Auto Fire Only Selector Mod

    http://www.airsoftcanada.com/showthread.php?t=15041 another similar one with no pictures
  3. I have head of a mod for the AUG airsoft guns in which you can make a groove in the selector switch block and it will lock into a third position which only allows for semi auto firing. This is a link to the someone elses post about the mod on another forum, problem is no pictures so i cannot visualize it... http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/topic/284942-steyr-aug-semi-fire-selector-mod/ If anyone has done or knows how to do this mod, it would be greatly appreciated, I just want my AUG to sometime go semi only so that when im playing semi only games I don't accidentally press it too far into full auto... which I do a lot, and people get angry lol Thanks Leo
  4. LeoGaunt

    Aug upgrades

    depends how powerful you are going, look up some charts as to see how powerful you want the spring. I've put an m100 madbull spring in mine, seems to shoot bbs pretty quick but i havent chronoed it yet, If you're looking to skirmish outdoors, then to stay under the general 350 fps limit a lot of sites have, get a m100 or m110 spring, from a make like madbull, guarder or Prometheus.
  5. i'll take my time to set it up nicely when my parts come, youtube shimming tutorials and everything, thanks guys
  6. i had ago myself, solder wires on and wrapped it with some plastic wrapper of a carling 4 pack which was pretty simular to the original plastic stuff haha works pretty well so far
  7. yeah I understand this, but it was fine before, I had put it back together and was using it numerous times without the shims in properly and it wasn't having too much of a problem, I've been quickly taking it apart and putting it back together because I've been having problems with the semi auto on the two stage trigger not working well. I'm not too bothered about the parts that broke since i brought an upgrade kit and some shims a few days ago so i'm going to take the time to set it up properly, I'm just wondering why its so worn down and what could be causing the rapid wear, so I don't make the same mistakes with the new parts. I don't see how a slight wobble will cause it to completely strip it in 20 shots, that's something much worse.
  8. I put a g&p m120 high speed motor in, I didn't really check before putting it together, everything else was stock apart from the shim arrangement as they fell out everywhere and I didn't spend too much time putting them back in and lost half of them, What do I need to do to adjust angle of engagement? Thanks
  9. I put my gearbox together and fired a few shot before I then realised the piston wasn't engaging with the gears, took It apart to find the first tooth had been ripped off completely. luckily I had a spare and assumed i was just unlucky, so I put it back together with a new piston, which after shooting for a few seconds again, got all the plastic teeth completely worn down with a huge groove until it was no longer engaging with the gears. Also the air from the gun wasn't powerful at all. Anybody got an idea how this can be possible and why my gear is wearing down the piston so quickly, my gearbox desperately need shimming but I don't see how this problem has occurred, any help appreciated thanks!
  10. I was wondering if anybody has cut open the plastic cover off a nimh battery and rearranged the individual cells to fit there gun? interested in doing this for my AUG as normal 9.6v mini batteries dont fit Thanks Leo
  11. Hi Guys, wondering if anybody could help me, My JG AUG's trigger is only shooting full auto and not semi, normally a short pull is semi and to pull again clicks and it fires full. Since I took the gearbox apart I've been having problems with this. I think perhaps the trigger assembly under the tappet plate on the gearbox is the problem, maybe the V shaped contacts need pulling apart so it takes longer to contact or something i'm not sure. Any help from someone who knows how this works will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Leo
  12. LeoGaunt

    Question about Chronoing and BB weight

    Okay cool, thanks for the help guys
  13. LeoGaunt

    Question about Chronoing and BB weight

    Why, are they chronoed using 0.2 BBs?
  14. Hi, i'm relatively new to airsoft and looking to go to my first game this Saturday, I was wondering if anyone could help me, If my gun chronos at over 350fps (my local sites limit on non single shot guns), do they generally allow you to use a heavier weight of BB to reduce the FPS to meet the chrono limit? Does anyone have any experience of this? I heard of people downgrading the springs etc to accomidate for FPS limits, and I have wonder why they wouldn't use heavier BBs instead and therefore presumed its either not allowed (ie chrono is always done with 0.2 or something) or there is a disadvantage to heavier BBs?. Grateful for any help! Thanks!