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  1. theres loads and loads of groups on facebook to buy, sell, swop, local events just search airsoft i have about 20 groups on my feed at the moment.. i have to stay off FB in case i buy another gun :S
  2. cheers for the info:) i'm looking to get her up to 330fps to stay in the limits of my local place.... once you get your chrono let me know what it got upto being good to know
  3. anything you could recommend?
  4. hi guys please bear with me as i'm new I've got myself a aug for outdoor use and with its build in scope in the handle its quite useful how ever when chrono is was only hitting 270, but it dsoes shot straight was looking at adding abit more punch to it to help and stumpled onto this upgarde package http://www.airsoftatlanta.com/Hurricane-Upgrade-Kit-for-AUG-p/51651.htm And wondered what people with more knowledge thought?
  5. hiya got the handle today, perfect fit with the classic army pin, but you will need a pair of needle nose pliers to pull the spring out to link it onto the base plate
  6. hey bb, just to let you know ive order one yesturday, should have it will let you know if its a good fit or not
  7. if you find somewhere selling them let me know... the 2nd hand one i bought it was broken off :/
  8. hey all, there was 8 stalls in total hummm.. got there at 9 left by 11...we stay for breakfast in case some more stall opened which did to be so there was 9 It wasn't worth the 12 entry £5 would have been fairer. However i must admitt there was some good points to mention...... incentive design had some lovely remote controlled sentry units, another one hooked up to a speaker so you could play realist gun fire, chopper, and anything else u can stick on a usb www.incentivedesigns.co.uk they are also about to release there own m4 tracer mag, with 3 led in the mag 8hrs battery life, and will basically super charge the bb compared to the flash of light they get in a barrel extention unit. will be about 300-400 rounds can imagine it will tak up to much space in a highcap JDairsoft was the best stall there and will properly make all the money as they had all the guns there.. my mate purchased a Honey badger and it currently rubbing one out over it..... The only other stall to really mention is www.airsoftassult.co.uk free site to sell and trade kit looked very nice, spent more 30 sec flicking around, will look again after this post. but in all honestly we drove up from from kettering, and was a bit of a waste, maybe next year it will have more stands
  9. im going tomorrow to have butchers, will give some feed back when im back, target run sounds a good laugh
  10. Just purchasesd a TM Aug miltary version, mainly to be different to all you M4 bandits out there
  11. there is a indoor paint ball system where the balls are foam/rubber so no mess
  12. after reading this, id like to add a couple of nuggets in. with a indoor site, you have the options of lazer tag, in door paintball that you can run in the same area, and i dontthink its break thebank money to hire the kit instead of buying it...You may want to look for a old warhouse in town, after all kids love war and are more likely to do these things in the week/ weekend mornin/day time also if you are starting as self employed breaking even is a good thing from a tax point of view... after all one room in house is now your office and a element of the house hold bills are now tax deductable you personnal mobile is now partly a business phone...etc etc, even asmall lose is benefical as you can offset the loss in term of tax against full time employment i wont bore you with the details but if you know a accountant locally have them pass an eye over the plan.
  13. Hi All Was looking at buying the below http://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/asg-kwa-m93r-ii-gbb-pistol Just wondered if anyone had one and could give me some feed back on the pistol, just incase its a high maintence or has any issues i should be aware of before i splash the cash Thank you in advance for any help
  14. ics Mp5 got it last week, and now i seem to be spending all my time surfing fot gun 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 I dont think my bank balance is going to like airsoft lol
  15. Afternoon all thought it best to join a forum as i'm now a airsoft junky admittly only started 2 weeks ago but have my paperwork sorted and picked up a mp5, as we play in doors and its winter, i'll try the out door stuff come spring and when my bank balance is ready for famas/aug/m14 and a sinper rifle lol for now much love x
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