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  1. Hi and welcome. I have driven past the Combat UK site many times and have wondered what it is like as a venue. Hope you enjoy.
  2. LDM

    Gum Shields

    To be honest it is not such an issue when using the MP5 it is mainly when using the L1A1 with standard sight although I have been considering a Trilux for it which might make things easier but would probably be a bit OTT. I am leaning towards getting a decent lower face mesh as well as the SISU and see how I get on with each setup.
  3. Cheers for the replies! Being that the sandpit is only about 15 mins away and sounds / looks fantastic it would make sense to try to get down there. They have a game on the 14th so as long as I haven't got anything else planned (that I've not been told about yet) I might try to make that one. Anyone else planning to be at that one?
  4. Looks like it will be a great event - Good luck with it!
  5. Probably the best approach, you can then tell by there reaction if it is worth explaining further / investing more time.
  6. Some fantastic pics! Its a real shame about the Vulcan especially as it took so much to get it in the air again. It seems mad to me that most flying examples of our classic aircraft are now only flown / maintained outside of the UK. If I had the money I would love to be a passenger in one of the Lightning's which is still one of my favourites.
  7. Which site is the milsim game at and is it a regular thing? - Sorry figured it out now from post elsewhere! Cheers
  8. LDM

    Gum Shields

    Cheers for the replies. I am thinking of getting a lower mesh mask to try as my main concern is safety / not loosing teeth / getting scars. My only concern is that mask can get in the way / make sighting a bit more difficult that being said I would not put this over safety it is just that I saw a few adverts for the SISU shields and they sounded ideal especially when they suggest you can talk normally etc. Spatch - Have you just bought one (for upper teeth? I was probably thinking of getting the 2.4 (as I said I am a bit of a coward)
  9. LDM

    Gum Shields

    The Sisu ones claim that you can talk almost normally as well as drink etc. hence my post asking those that had tried them how they got on.
  10. Further to my post in the new arrivals section I am looking to get back into playing and one of the things I have never been totally happy with is face protection. Being a bit of a coward I have always used a full mask for CQB stuff, something along the lines of the empire e-vent but for woodland type games it gets in the way and makes communication quite difficult therefore I have used the ESS V12 googles for eye protection which seems fine and a Shemagh or neoprene mask to protect the teerh which is still not ideal and also does not feel sufficient. I have done a some searching on google and found a bit about the sisu gumshields I also noticed a tread on here from a year or so ago suggesting a few on here had/were using them, how did you get on with them and are you still using them? Also did you use them for both top and bottom. Any advice appreciated.
  11. They were both at Carfest, I believe the second one is Canadian and they have been doing a lot of the Airshows over the summer.
  12. The mad thing is that there are sensible "Airsofters" worrying about the legalites of RIF'S, IF's and changing one to another and yet anyone who wants to be iresponsible with one or use it for a crime will have no worries about changing the colour! I appreciate its been gone over lots of times before but suspect that as long as you are responsible with the IF / RIF you are unlikely to find yourself in trouble. I am not suggesting it is ok to intentionally change the apperance in any way is ok, there are laws and it would not do the sport any good to advocate breaking them. Just one other point I always try to be discreet when transporting mine and even when at a site try to keep them out of the public eye.
  13. Thanks for the welcome! Back in the late 80's early 90's before Airsoft, I played paintball and Holmbush seems to ring a bell (maybe just a dumbbell) was this site around then? If so I probably played it quite a few times - maybe thats something I should not admit to on two counts! Unfortunately I am away the weekend of the 20th.
  14. Hi, New to the forum, and have not played for a while. Despite my age (wrong side of 40!) I am looking to get back into playing again as I miss the fun it was also a good way to try to stay fit. Overall I prefer the woodland games which are better suited to the L1A1 although I have a MP5 for when things get a bit close. Any advise on sites etc would be appreciated, I am fairly close to the sand pit and Fawkham but was a bit unsure about just turning up like billy no mates! Cheers
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