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  1. Snakeeyes75

    Novritsch SSG24 Rifle

    Damn! could you cancel? I'm after £550 for £800 of stuff? (Check my listing).
  2. Snakeeyes75

    Novritsch SSG24 Rifle

    Just to let you know I've added my SSG for sale! Sorry to shamelessly plug it but hey!
  3. Snakeeyes75

    My G18 won't cycle properly in this temperature (144a).

    On 3.0 I was getting about 335fps (With a .2) problem I had was with the god aweful hop unit! The TM one would hit 45/50 meters accurately whereas the WE would be good for about 30. I used a TBB, TM rubber and various polished parts to aid the cycling.
  4. Snakeeyes75

    My G18 won't cycle properly in this temperature (144a).

    I had a WE G18 and it was horrible! I spent a year trying different options (Nuprol 2.0, 3.0, various other mixes) and I just found it to be incolsistent and unreliable. The TM version is by far superior on Nuprol 2.0 or WE Green (The same stuff) all year round. Only thing I will say is that the TM mags were not as good as the WE ones!
  5. Snakeeyes75

    top snipers

    The VSR platform will give you the best result for your money. There's plenty of upgrades available that can be done bit by bit but I've now used "Most" platforms, the VSR bolt action is my "go too" bit of kit. However ..... I've been hearing good things about the Amoeba striker. It needs a bit of work but out of the box it's a pretty good piece of kit.
  6. Snakeeyes75

    UKAPU FPS Chart

    Exactly! That's why there can't be any room for error with the OP chart. Same reason why Cruise control comes with a "This is not Autopilot" on (Some) cars lol
  7. Snakeeyes75

    UKAPU FPS Chart

    Essentially Side A: But there's a new LAW that states 1.3J is the new legal limit Side B: Our site limit is lower.... Side A: but i've just spent a lot of money setting my gun up to 1.3J and I've come all the way from Tatooine to play here today..... Side B: Well then, F*ck off back to Tatooine!
  8. Snakeeyes75

    UKAPU FPS Chart

    Any newbie that sees this new chart "May" get confused. My local site swapped to Joule limits about 6 months ago. Most have managed to get a head around the power kerb that is needed however I've also seen arguments break out as they've read about 1.3J being the "New limit".
  9. Snakeeyes75

    UKAPU FPS Chart

    Yeah I get that but the chart should have a footnote that states that local site limits (Which MUST stay within the legal limit) must also be followed.
  10. Snakeeyes75

    UKAPU FPS Chart

    I saw this on FB the other day. All well and good except that it's not reflective of "Most" sites LOWER Limits (e.g., 350fps on an AEG/Pistol, 500fps on a Bolt action). I fear that the newer players won't realize and still turn up with a hot gun (And an argument).
  11. Snakeeyes75

    TM VSR 10 or TM L96?

    VSR all the way. Much easier to upgrade, lighter too.
  12. Snakeeyes75

    krytac clunking noise? HELP ME TECH GUYS!

    I had a go of the MK2 LVOA, I noticed the same thing. Pretty sure that's how it's supposed to be.
  13. Snakeeyes75

    The sniper play style ? mhm

    James is a top bloke. I did a sniper ops day with him a couple of months ago and it's opened my eyes big time to a different play style. Definately a guy to observe and take notes!
  14. Snakeeyes75

    suggest gun with good recoil

    TM recoils are superb, I also used to have the TM MP7 GBB which is a great fun gun all year round (Just use Green gas), plenty of recoil and "Crack" when it;s fired, only issue is the weighty mags.
  15. Snakeeyes75

    The sniper play style ? mhm

    Mr. Bailey by any chance?