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Hi Everyone,


Not sure if this is in the correct forum section, if not please advise.


Anyway I am just interested in what you all do with your RIF's when your not using them?


Personally I have them on show, on shelves in my office (at home), but balancing pistols against my M4 etc, or laying them down doesn't work that well, they tend to fall over and sometimes come clean off the shelf and break something!!!,


So I am going to have my own stands made and looking to maybe go into production with them.


Firstly I am going to have some pistol stands made, and was interested to find out if anyone else would be interested and what the general need is for them?


I think they would be great for displaying and also working on your RIF's



I'm estimating £10 + around £5 p+p per pistol stand.


I will have some picture up very soon but would really like to gauge interest.


I will look at making Long gun stands i.e. M4, AK, G36, etc in the near future.


So should anyone have any comments or interest in either Pistol or Long Gun stands please let me know either on this topic, PM or email:



Thanks for looking & Thanks for your time.




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Generally leave mine all nice and secure, out of sight in their locked hard Cases as required by Johnny Law ;-)


Some Stands were for sale on FleaBay a while back they consisted of a dummy Mag attached to a solid Base, you simply insert your Gun on to the Mag.

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That law only applies if someone could just glance in and seeit however if they hace to find a way to either see in or have no reason to be looking at your house you should be fine according to my local firearms officer

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Cops can be sh*tty and quote Crime and Security Act 2010 (section 46) if they are in the mood ;-)

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