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    3 x G & G M4 (inc 1 Blowback)
    TM MP5A3
    2 xCyma Glock
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    Any old Shite I have lying around but mainly a set of M65 and a Vest.
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  1. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/290787092142?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 Aluminium Flight Case which will take 2 M4s plus Accessories or 3 Guns on their own depending on how I cut the Foam insert....Dog's Bollocks for £44 delivered next day
  2. G & Gs aren't too bad for very little money, you can get a 2 tone with metal V2 Gearbox and blowback action for £160 ish new or £100 2nd hand.Very easy to customise/upgrade as most TM etc pasrt fit straight on :-) I have to agree that the plastic Gearbox you appear to have was designed to last about 5 minutes and even a new one would only be fit for the Bin :-(
  3. Don't usually like Magpul type stuff but that looks tasty, not too OTT :-)
  4. Let's see...... UHC M700 2 tone Sniper Drag Bag for above 2 RIS Handguards for M4 (1 of which is Noveske) PEQ Battery Box with Custom Battery Lipo Charger and Battery (just dabbling with these atm until I feel confident for full swap over) M4 upper and lower Receiver (Plastic) plus outer Barrel for a bit of experimentation. A bunch of Magpuls for 556 Mags Few 1,000 BBs
  5. Used to buy all my Pistol reloading supplies from them and they gave execellent service/value, I too have no affiliation with them apart from living in the same County LOL
  6. Right bits now trickling in...Eotech 552 Clone (good price on FleaBay and it would have been rude not to LOL), Gas Tube and Block for M4 . Waiting on a full length Barrel, Flash hider, front Handguard set with Delta Ring/Cap and some Cyma Glock 18 odds and ends.
  7. All kinds of odds and ends for my M4s but nothing has arrived yet :-(
  8. Black tactical Vest 4 x Crystal Poppies from Royal British Legion for the Girls of the House and my Mum Broken Cyma Glock 18C for Spares Yet another Mid Cap M4 Mag M4 Handguard Wire set Some Talizombie/Taliwhacker Patches from the USA Tub of Wasabe Peanuts 4 x colour & 4 x Black Ink Cartridges for our HP Printer 50 Black BIC Biros Been a busy old FleaBay day LOL Oh and 8 Tins of Guinness and a Fish and Chip Supper .
  9. Johnno


    Promoted to Assistant Warehouse Manager this week...a rather spiffing 55% pay rise to go with it too
  10. Amazingly enough another 3 secondhand Mid Caps, that's 9 this week...well at those prices it would be rude not to ( all 9 came to less than £40 all in) LOL
  11. Another 3 mid caps for my M4 and a PEQ Battery Box.
  12. Johnno


    Was an 'Elf an Safety Manager for a Pan European Distribution Company but made redundant last year. Now a Warehouse person/FLT Instructor in a large Tyre Warehouse (Yes it's a large Warehouse and yes we do large Tyres LOL) but being promoted to Assistant Warehouse Manager next month. Most interesting job was being a 7.5 Tonne ADR Driver as I worked on Royal Ordnance/MOD Contract carrying Dangerous Goods Class 1 & 7.
  13. Wanky Pants Eddie Stobarts.....on the Telly they bravely battle 100s of miles through Snow, Rain, and Blood to make deliveries on time but the f*ckers can't travel approx 1 mile to our Depot and be on time!
  14. I've managed to get to the grand old age of 49 without any but my Wife and 24YO Daughter have some.....I will not be posting Photos of them so don't ask
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