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I have already developed one app specifically for Airsoft as it was something that I found useful for myself and I am currently developing another one and I would like to know from anyone else here what sort of apps they think might be useful.



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We have a forum app already, pm dev and maybe u could incorporate that


I will have a look yea, thanks!


Can we see the one you've already done? Then we know what hasn't been covered.


It's called Airsoft Helper -


The one I am working on now would be one that would be used in the field, mainly as an experiment to see how happy people would be with using their phones with the possibility of being shot. So far people seem ok about using them and quite often already have their phones on them anyway.

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Strangely I didn't get notified of your new reply, sorry for the long delay.


Yes my app is pretty similar to your one, I'm thinking of making mine free now as well.


I am hoping to make some more in-game orientated apps really, after speaking to other players most of them already have their iPhones / Android devices out on the playfield anyway so aren't worried about having them out there.


One app I have just finished, it is in testing currently, is a kill counter. Mainly just a bit of fun.


If anyone is interested in testing it, or the others, before release please sign up here -

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