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Im a noob to airsoft, been playing since April and what can I say, its fantastic!!!


I have been playing at a site in Sittingbourne, kent called Apocalypse Airsoft.

Its based in 45 achres of thick woodland, which has purpose built villiage, stockade and guard tower and based on the vietnam war.

I have found that the guys running it have been very friendly and really encouraging, and to be honest, they have got me hooked.

The price isnt too bad either and enjoyed a whole day of shooting.


They have a "cafe" onsite and pyro and BB's for sale aswell.


Rescently we had Tier 1 walk on and challenge us which was a painfull but fantastic day, with them returning in July for a 36hour "Mil Sim"


Anyone wanting to know more about the site can message me here or the website is


A great way to get ya guns off guys


Shoot Ya soon

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welcome and hope you gut some good hits

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christ sounds good fun. ive just taken airsoft up aswell, and so far only site i heard of is shadowopz but they used to base out of an old power plants but dont know what they are doing now.


so yeah, if theres any other sites around east kent/medway id love to know. prices or links to websites would make me a very happy man

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