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Please give me advie on a new woodland gun

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Hey Guys,


I'm looking to buy a new woodland gun and would really appreciate some advice as i'm a bit swampped by the range of stuff out there.


My current (and first) gun is a JG Steyr AUG A3, I bought the gun with good expectatiooons nad have been very dissapointed. It is very heavy, very unreliable, has terrible battery life, and despite being bullpupp and having a relatively long barrel it is quite innacurate and has poor range.


So, grumbles out of the way, what I'm primarily is something with very good range and accuracy, and as secondary priorities something with good reliability, good battery life (or atleast and easily changable battery) and somehthing not too heavy (somethign that I could actually run with and hold in one hand and possibly use for urban).

Ideally i would also like something that will fit the red dot site I'm currently using on the AUG (i.e. same size rails) but that's not essential.


My budget is £200 with all accesories, but would prefer it to be cheaper.


So what should I go for?


Any advice you could give woule be great.





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Lightweight, accurate, Urban-capable, not too big, 20mm rails?

Under £200?


plenty of choice :D

I'd look at (and I know I say it a LOT) The SRC range of either M4's or G36's

failing that, look at the CA sportline series of guns (Armalites and MP5's)

OR the G+G Combat machines - M4's

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I am very surprised that you are having problems with a JG aug, as they have a very good reputation for accuracy, reliability and range. My only thoughts is that you have a hop up issue or it is second hand and a bit worn out.


As for light, good range and ease of use (why you want one handed fire I have no idea as shots should be aimed shots)


Anyway that aside, I would suggest a Beta Spetznatz AK with a solid stock. Range is very impressive for a little gun, fps is good for woodland and ccb, battery goes in the stock and you can get a large battery in them quite easily. You can get a small ris front mount for £6-10 off ebay for your RDS, and you should be able to get the gun for around £120. Add mags at £10 each for a hicap and you are off. I have had two and they are cracking guns that punch well above their weight!



mount (5 screws, takes 5 mins max to fit)


battery (check sizes though, but this should last most of the day)



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