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P90 - Manufacturer differences?

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In the far future when I eventually get UKARA registered and get my first gun, I'll be looking to pick up a P90 TR. Until then I've been looking around to see what models there are, and how much I'll be paying.


As a newbie though, I'm not sure how the various models differ in quality. I'd rather get a high-quality gun, though if there's a "just as good" version for a lower price, I might go down that route.


So what I ask from you guys is, what is your opinion on the range of P90s available? Am I better off getting a Tokyo-Marui or a Classic Army Sportline?

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Now you either love the P90 or hate it, the marmite gun! :D

Anyway have a look at these:


ACM P90 TR Sniper


This is basically a normal P90 with a longer barrel and fires on full auto + semi, so not really a sniper.


:oACM P90 TR






Toyko Marui P90



Toyko Marui P90 TR



K-Cube P90TR


I've never heard of this company before and apparently its their first gun, so you should probabably avoid this one


RWC P90 Salvage Hunter ver.2

£1229 :mellow::o

One word... HARDCORE


Classic Army Sportline P90 RD Value Pack


Theres a lot of other classic army P90's on airsoft armoury so if you like this one have a look at the others to


P90's are great for CQB but due to their short range their not always that good at woodland sites. So if you play in the woods the ACM P90 TR sniper would probably be a good choice because it has a longer barrel which means better range. On the other hand Toyko Muari are usualy quite reliable in generel.

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Toyko Marui are known as the best reilible wise


Jing Gong are a great newbie make cheap and cheerfull but they can still hold there own and if you look after them they can last as well

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