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  1. I have heard better things about the CA Proline MP5's but they are a little more expensive.
  2. G&P AR-15 guns (anything M4 or M16) are incredibly good, best externals for AR-15 AEG's and very good internals. The only thing you may have to upgrade is the hop rubber as the G&P hop rubbers can be a bit naff. But that is an extra £5 for a TM rubber and 100% skirmishable even without it, just maybe a little lacking on the range. Probably the best make to go for for any M4 or M16 really.
  3. Considering I built one gun that cost £550 in total and bought my sopmod that set me back £650 I think I might cry if I really looked back through it all. I am probably looking at about £3500+ now and I have been doing it 2 years. Hmm I think it is best I don't dwell on this especially as I bought a Hurricane HK416 last week...... this doesn't look good does it.
  4. A little silicone spray and then load it and empty it a couple of times to getting it running smoothly is recommended. I use mids all the time and they have jammed in the past when I have neglected their maintenance.
  5. I see no reason under POR as to you letting scouts or explorers fire an airsft gun, but it would be covered by the same restrictions as airguns, they need to have the permission to shoot form done. If you get it wrong thee is to much risk of loosing your warrant so I wouldn't push it really.
  6. TM have a new G18C out and I have found TM to be best for pistols really. I have tried other makes and hey have always let me down.
  7. If its an ICS M4 then you need an ICS RIS as no others will fit without modification.
  8. Those are pretty much the cheapest ones you can find, however you may find them a bit cheaper than that if you shop around.
  9. If price is no object look at the new TM Proline range (the shoot and recoil guns). I have one of the M4's and I have to say it is the best gun I think I have ever owned (and I have built some my self). Out of the box with no upgrades they hit 50m and are quite accurate. Plus they stop firing when the mag is empty. My advice though is to get the M4A1 SOCOM (front wired or mini batts) version not the SOPMOD (takes special SOPMOD batts in the stock) as the special sopmod batts aren't very good. I have heard very mixed things about ICS, the externals are no where near as good as CA or G&P that much I can say. But I have heard from a couple of people that the split GB isn't as amazing as it is meant to be. Plus they only take ICS parts so they aren't as easy to customise.
  10. A comment about the UKSF look, try and get the Tan RAV swapped out for a Olive Drab or Ranger Green one. But very nice
  11. When you say "around the country side" do you mean a random public area? How old are you by the way? If you are 18 or older than please go and get UKARA defence, if you are younger than 18 it is ILLEGAL for YOU to buy any gun2-tone or not. A over 18 can GIFT you one but if there is an exchange of money or services at all then you are going to be breaking the law.
  12. Until you have but about 2-3k rounds through it it won't have settled down fully, put a good 4000 bb's through it and get it re corno'd you will probably find it is then clocking 330-40. Or as has been said you may need a new spring either a 1J or a M90.
  13. There is a small market for custom gun components but it is mostly filled. The L119A1 barrel extension and silencer are already produced at a very reasonable price by Mike. The only component I can think of is the L119 front sight as these are no longer in production by the manufacturer but it would be a b*stard to do. And thing else is just not really popular enough or already made by some one like G&P or similar. Unless you can find a particular hole in the market I don't reckon you will get much interest. As for paintjobs most people do their own unless they want something very special in which case they get a pro to do it at so obscene cost.
  14. Even then don't expect it to last too long. All of my guns have cost be around the £200 mark or alot higher as all of hem are now upgraded..
  15. Not to boast but if you use a ready mag you can reload in about 1 second flat. So even if they do rush me it will only be in time to be out of cover when the next mid cap is in the gun.