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  1. abbadon101

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    A comment about the UKSF look, try and get the Tan RAV swapped out for a Olive Drab or Ranger Green one. But very nice
  2. abbadon101

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Tis a TM Sig P226R. Probably the best pistol I have ever used. The M4 is long gone and is being replaced by a L119A1 when the last parts get here on tuesday. I will get some pics up as I have altered the rig to be more in keeping of a UKSF rig.
  3. abbadon101

    Combat South Woodland.

    I will email them for a copy to post up, or I might have it on my comp some where. I will have a looksee.
  4. abbadon101

    Combat South Woodland.

    Yeah they only run the SF game very occasionally and it never seems to pan out right, it is still a work in progress really as I remember they only played it the first time in about october last year. They use green tape as alot the time I did it were in multican and it stood out quite well. I am a regular there now and know most of the staff quite well. The lunch is always to that standard so that is a bonus. They have a LOAD of more structures planned for the In Country 08 event in august and the Weekender the end of august, both of which I will be at. Alot of the regulars there are really great guys, most of us will let you have a go on a gun if you are new and want to try different guns. They have a good range of hire guns including:FAMAS, MC51, AK47, M4, MP5.
  5. abbadon101

    Very Intersted person with a few Questions,

    As has been said, most site do offer rental guns. You can use these when at the site. I would recommend getting UKARA registered and buying a Black RIF as opposed to a 2-tone for the simple reasons: 1 it doesn't look like it has fallen out of a cracker, and 2 you have SO much more to choose from then.
  6. abbadon101

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    My kit for the summer, I use US woodland during the winter as its warmer than my S95's for some reason. That coupled with the following
  7. abbadon101

    Combat South Woodland.

    Are you going to be there this weekend? OCT 4th?
  8. DPM South African Assault Vest (SAAV) made by Kombat (images from Flecktarn.co.uk) This vest is great. Well built, comfy (it feels more like webbing than a Assault Vest) pockets for everything and most importantly for a first buy CHEAP. The vest is great it has 4 double M16 mag pouches (you would be VERY hard pushed to get anything else in here but 1 AK or AUG mag might fit), 2 on the shoulders and 2 on the kidney pouches. 2 grenade pouches next to the shoulder ammo pouches. It has 2 large kidney utility/dump pouches, these have a small flap on top that means you can put used mags in without needing to undo the pouch. 1(2) Large rear pouch that can be used as 1 long pouch for a Hydration unit or as 2 pouches for carrying things (waterproofs, etc...). The on the front, bottom left hand side on the vest in the pic, you have what appear to be 2 ammo pouches. These are VERY hard to get into with all the other pouches full, I put my speed loader in there as I wont be needing it in a firefight but putting mags in there would be a bad move IMO. Then lastly you have a reasonably sized utility pouch on the bottom right side for whatever you have left (spare battery?). . . . . . . I forgot the easy to miss map pouch behind that, but it is quite small and very easy to miss, as yet I have to find something to put in there. The quality of this is great. Strong and Sturdy. Made of Nylon (so the website says) and is 100% water proof (so don't leave the the pouches open when its raining as there are no drainage holes). It is fully adjustable from REALLY skinny (I'm a 28 inch waist) to quite a lot bigger than me, and the shoulders are adjustable too. As the first piece of webbing/assault vest I have its great. Ideal for a new starter on a budget (and veterans who want a cheap piece of kit). The only couple of small niggles I have are the mag pouches are quite tight and so they can be a little slow to access and the "mag" pouches on the left hand side are a PITA to get to even when the vest is off or empty. Overall rating: 9/10 (after all NOTHING is perfect)
  9. abbadon101

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    I will post a pic of my gear when the rest arives from HK. Gun and Assault vest are here though
  10. abbadon101

    Combat South Woodland.

    Combat South Woodland is the site I play at. It is 90 acres of private woodland out side Wickham near(ish) Southampton. I have no experience of other sites but I have to say the guys at Combat South are great. There are lots of scenarios that are used and long Multi Objective games too, they also run some themed events at various dates through out the year. It would be great to know if anyone else plays there.