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  1. Does anyone have an upgraded TM VSRĀ for sale ?

  2. Alright, I guess I got the message here. To be honest I dont feel comfortable asking people to try their gun and even I do sometime I cannot understand how gun performs in couple of shots right ? I really need to try before buying next time. The only shop near me is Wolf Armories in Camden. I suppose I should visit the store once again (last time wasnt that pleasant since no one gave a shit about me being customer there). To leave a future airsofter lets just say for the records, Try before buy Good gun does not have to be expensive Take good care of your AEG and maybe get a proper hop - barrel to achieve strong accuracy. Buy cheap, buy multiple times because you will definitely change your mind in couple of games
  3. Hi guys, As a fellow airsofter I have a question that might involve your personal preferences and experiences. I am a type of guy who likes to sneak around and make precise single shots instead of going full auto and dying and respawning 100 times a day. When I first started airsoft, I rented UMAREX AK type couple of times, then I thought I want more accuracy and range so I bought myself a Krytac SPR only to realise I dont like long action guns. Then I sold that and got my current gun which is G&P Sentry Troy. Well, the problem is this one is not my soulmate either. All 3 type of guns were great in their own way (even rental guns were slightly used and precise guns) but I didnt feel very comfortable and satisfied with them. Now I am going to sell G&P too and get new gun. After these 3 try and fail attempt I just wanted to ask you lads opinion about this messed up situation. Have you ever went through a phase like this before ? I am looking for TM Recoil ones like Scar or 416D but those guns are similar(in look) to what I had in past and I am afraid I might not like it and it would be disaster after paying shit load of money or maybe ASG Evo or even sniper rifle? What type do you think should be tried as next style of gun ?
  4. new players are welcome !
  5. bumpy bumpy
  6. Damn, this is so exhausting. You pay loads of money to products based on web reviews and it turns out to be maybe good but not for you.
  7. Hey guys, I am so sick of fogging and bought myself a low profile high end ballistic glasses. They just delivered and they are Ess Ice Pro with bunch of spare colorful glasses. Everything is good up to this point but there is a gap in down side of it which is big enough to fit my middle finger and I am scared to get hit in the eye because of that gap. I couldnt took a picture but found one like me on google, I am having the same issue as this guy. Picture Has anyone tried that glasses ?
  8. bump
  9. bump 230 !
  10. You can add your account on as contact info, or unused mail address which is attached to main one or even facebook or linkedin (I am sure all of them know your facebook address).. And people can send you a message through this channels. it doesnt have to be phone number or private email.
  11. looks like no one uses car inside of London. damn anyone who will use route near London this weekend ? I just want to try somewhere new... (too late for mall, it is fully booked again...)
  12. Make: Krytac Gun/Model: Trident SPR Accessories: Tan Grip, 2xmag(1 original, 1 high cap G&G metal mag), battery, Nuprol Supressor Condition: Fully working (my main gun) FPS: around 290 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Krytac CRB or Scorpion Evo package Price/Payment: 250 + postage - or can be delivered in central London Pictures: Below (i took video too but couldnt upload, let me know if you are interested so I can sent it over) The box, papers, iron sight, cleaning rod still in box. The barred is cleaned it after every single game and gun is always taken good care because this beauty is my main gun and I truly love it. The reason I am selling is pretty obvious from swap section. This is fully metal and long rif, which is kind of hard for me because I like running and constantly being in action in field. I am going to change it with smaller version or sell and buy smaller one. Grip is changed due to original one was sh*tty and hard to place middle finger and also tan made it pop ! I will throw one more high cap mag apart from original one and battery in it so buyer can get it and start using in field without any need of extra.
  13. Guys, I really need ideas. I looked at some honey badgers last night and really liked the look but accuracy and range is not that great as I read. Does anyone have experience with it ?
  14. you know what ? this is going to ROCK and ROLL !! we need to post this topic in other forums too to increase the participant number I loved the simplicity and visualisation only suggestion is after registration I didnt read the info and tried to log in and I couldnt do it of course. Then I checked my email and saw activation mail. That can be made more obvious on login maybe. Like "You need to activate this email adress" type of thing. also needs a ride, public transport, gives a ride bars needs and native English person touch. It was confusing for non-english natives like me.
  15. So, my best option for now raider right ? Have you ever used something like that ? I have never changed gun parts or anything like that(just load the bb and pewpew). Do you have any suggestion as out of package option ? SDP is not really my thing but PDW would be good choice though. but I am going to be honest, I kinda wanna try something new.