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40mm launchable foam grenades/ rockets for all 40mm launchers

40mm launchable foam grenades/ rockets for all 40mm launchers


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Sales post. Not a new idea but then again not often avalible. I have some foam rubber launchable 40mm grenades for sale. These fit in any 40mm grenade launcher that has enough room in front of the grenade shell. Fine in a long barreld m203 but no good for one of those pistol launchers with a short barrle. The grenades are 12.5 cm long so if in doubt put a shell in your launcher and measure the remaining barrel length with a ruler. These things are nice and safe as they are soft and spongy, a little softer than a nerf pocket howler with the added bonus that this actualy fits in 40mm launchers. Can be launched with any 40mm shell as long as you don't put bbs in it and let the gas push the foam grenade. However the bigger your gas capacity the further they will fly. Range wise they are averaging 60 meters with co2 in a madbull pb4 shell launched with a 45 degree angle from a full length m203. If you are on any of the uk face book sales groups then please seach for foam grenade to view all of the fireing videos that i have posted up. They can be found on most of them. I believe that range will increase as the wheather warms up. They spin in the air due to the canted tail fins. these are home made and will have mould lines and small air bubbles etc. They weigh around 20 grams each which is slightly less than a tag round and are a whole lot softer too. They dont explode so can be a nice alternative if your site dosent allow launchable pyro. If your thinking about buying some then please talk to your skirmish site owner to see if they are open to the idea of there use first. Theres no point buying them if your site wont let you use them. My reccomendation is indirect morter fire with a rule that if it lands within 3 meters of a player who is not behind hard cover then there hit. if you buy some and are not happy with them for any reason i will give you a full refund minus the £2.90 it costs me to post them out as long as you send them back to me. all prices include postage inside the uk and paypal. £10 for 1 £15 for 2 £20 for 3 and £35 for 7. I made these because i couldnt buy them and ive got more materials than i need just for myself hense im gonna sell the extra to get some of my money back. Spent more than i should have on this project. Not going to make loads, once the various bottles of chemicals are empty thats it. Any questions drop me a pm. Cheers

tonbridge, kent - United Kingdom

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