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What is the best Battery?

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Hi guys, I have decided to get myself this model AEG (after Christmas) Posted Image

I am trying to gather up a few bits and pieces before then, so I was wondering if anyone can recommend a decent battery pack!

I see officially that it takes a 8.4v Mini Nunchuck battery, but I was hoping to put a 9.6v into it. Does anyone have any links to any at reasonable prices etc? And is it possible to fit a slightly bigger 9.6v? As I believe the battery is a bit of a b@llox to fit ..... !

Cheers for any feedback

Right, I might have been a wee bit hasty with this thread, although I did actually research the topic .....

Anyway, I have found a website (UK based) which seems pretty reasonable Clicky And seems to specialize in Airsoft battery packs.

Now 2 more small questions. Has anyone used this company and would you recommend it? And would this battery pack fit into the handguard .... ? http://www.component...2200afp-hh.html

Again, Thanks



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ive only heard good things with the component shop




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Yup they are great guys. We're forever recommending them!



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Although i cant say much about what battery pack will fit that gun i thought i would chime in to say the G&G MP5 series are amazing guns, i bought a 180 plastic G&G mp5 A4 as a backup for when my more expensive m4 was in for repairs and have ended up using the MP5 as my main weapon on choice.

I run my MP5A4 on a 4300mah 9.6v which is a big battery, it fits in the stock of the A4 because its a full solid stock, if you can go without the adjustable stock i would say look into the A4, the A4 doesn't come with the tactical handgrip though (no rails) but you can buy the handgrip from G&G separately for a pretty low price and you just push out a pin on the side of the gun to pull off the handgrip so its a simple swapover, one i plan on doing after christmas.




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Yeah, I have a review in the AEG review section for the G&G MP5A4 metal version if you want to give it a read. It's the best gun I've ever had.

I'd be careful not to do the H&K slap too many times though, my mate managed to snap my damn cocking/charging handle off last weekend.

Also, I know these battery packs are pretty damn cool and snazzy: http://www.everythin...tery-handguard/

If you shop about there might be one that's made with the RIS rails on it. Can't guarantee it though.

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