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Team Gameplay Recon

Airsoft Dan
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This is a guide for team gameplay.




If you are a sniper/somone providing recon, then you might not always beable to tell your team where the Tango/Enemy is.


What you need :


1. Your team has to be attached to a communication device.


2. There has to be squads Eg. Alpha Squad, Bravo Squad etc.


What to do :


1. Recon will have a map of the field, the field will be split into 3 Grids, called Sectors.


2. If an enemy is spotted, the Sniper will say. " Target. Sector (Grid name). (What gun the enemy/s have). Permission to fire. "


3. Either the permission is accepted or denied.



Thats it.


Thank-you, Dan.

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this also depends how your playing, if you're going quiet and don't want people to see you and they don't know where you are then great but in the middle of a fire fight just shoot the bugger

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