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Traveling to UK with airsoft accesories


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Hi all,


I'm moving to UK soon and I wish to bring with me some airsoft stuff that I collected over the years. I understand that my RIFs are out of the question without being a UKARA member, but what about airsoft accessories? These are some of the things that I'm most worried about:


1) A mock suppressor w/ flash hider

2) Assortment of toy and "real" (Surefire, Insight etc.) flashlights

3) Toy optics (red dots, toy 4x elcan etc)

4) A toy AN/PEQ 2 with functional laser and light


Anyone can tell me if any of these can pass UK airport custom without trouble? Thanks.

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You won’t have any issue with the accessories. If you find someone to trust in the U.K, with UKARA, you could post your RIFS to them.


You might find an airsoft retailer prepared to accept the  RIF’s as well.


RIF Posting is dependent upon them being fully legally compliant in the UK 

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for the replies!

I wasn't aware of the posting method, I'll do more research on that.


18 hours ago, Jez_Armstrong said:

Yeah where are you moving from? 


You can always post your rifs to me and then I'll send them on to you I don't mind helping out 🤷‍♂️


Thanks for your offer! I'll keep your offer in mind if I decide to post them in the future.


Is the UKARA membership required only for importing and selling RIFs? You don't need it to possess RIFs?

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Hey, might be worth noting that if your semi-auto RIF is in excess of 2.5 Joules or your full-auto RIF is in excess of 1.3 Joules you will be unable to post legally as your guns will be considered Firearms.


Other countries have higher legal limits than the UK, so you may want to downgrade them with a weak spring before posting.


I think I am correct in the above but anyone please feel free to correct me.

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I brought in three scopes and two PEQs in one go some checked in and some on hand like the T-2 red point,,,


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