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Hi everyone. 
I have an Ares AM009 which I am planning to overhaul internally. 

I am either going to build a gearbox from scratch or replace with an upgrade. 

the question to the forum is. Has anybody done this to this platform and if so what did you use and are there any things to look out for or recommendations ?


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Buy a new gun, it's all I can tell you.


Gearbox casing is proprietary, gears are proprietary, FCU is proprietary, all the standard parts (compression set, motor, bushings) are of abysmal quality.


There is, imo, no need to own an Ares in 2023 when Cyma and Dboys (Specna/Evolution/Saigo) are a thing.


But, if you're dead set on your Ares, I'd replace the stock aluminium bushings for proper steel ones, tappet plate, the whole compression set, motor and hop rubber.


The barrel is decent, 6.03 aluminium does its job, hop unit could be better but on mine it was actually consistent.


I've had the same gun for about 4 years and it kept shitting itself, every two weeks or so one part would randomly decide to commit sudoku and I've spent far too much money on it just to make it work.

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