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TM Thompson M1A1 - Old & not firing (possible broken tappet plate)


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About 12 years back, and about 10,000 rounds after having been upgraded with a 1J spring, my trusty TM Thompson (bought in 2005) stopped firing BB's (despite the motor still running when the trigger was pressed); as I had another AEG, not being very techy, and being too poor at the time to get it fixed, it has remained inactive ever since. It had seen a lot of use up till that point, and does appear well used. Adds to the realism, if you ask me!


Now I'm wondering how much I'd get for it, and two TM locap mags (50rds each).


I should also note that like many old TM Thompson M1A1's (indeed perhaps this persists with later makes and models?) the weak spot, where the barrel meets the receiver, sheared away mid-game; fortunately at the time I was able to buy a laser-cut metal repair kit/reinforced metal piece from someone in another (still active, yet for now will remain unnamed) forum, and it was repaired/re-attached; however, it did leave the barrel about two milimitres further away from the receiver than beforehand (due to my shoddy drill placement). See pic. Tbh, at the time I wrapped some black electrical tape around it to fill the gap, and no one ever really noticed.


Please could I get an appraisal?


Many thanks.



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Maybe £50/60. You are probably looking at a full gear box rebuild at least and I hate to say it but TM Thompson's are over priced you can get a new cyma for 100ish.

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