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  1. Hello all, Being 'budget conscious' I'm wondering whether to wait for the next drop of CYMA AK's (VFC clones) or go for one of these: https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/lancer-tactical-lt-51s-aks-74m-pro-line-g2-w-etu-and-mosfet?pv=18272 Little request: Whether or not you'd ever personally get anything yourself from PB is not my question here btw, so please do keep that in mind. What I'm asking is, that given I'd probably end up getting a MOSFET, upgraded inner barrel, spring, hop up and gears fitted into a CYMA AK eventually anyway, which in itself would come to between £250-300 mark incl. the aeg itself, would it still be worth waiting for them to come back in stock, when these LT AK's seem to contain a lot of said 'upgrades' already ootb? I already own a Cyma cm.077f (M-Lok version) which I indeed had upgraded as per the above, but now I fancy something a bit more traditional looking, hence why I'm considering some form of full size AK74. LCT and E&L fanbois, I am indeed aware of how beautiful and worth every penny their own ranges are, but for now I'd ask for the advice to be geared towards the above only, if possible. So yeh, does anyone here have any experience with the LT 'Pro-Line' G2 series? There appear to be a good mix of opinions out there, from what I've seen; although a lot of those seem to be specifically about LT's M4 range (no surprises there!) Thanks in advance 🙂
  2. Here's me looking a bit awkward, twice. - Russian 'Flecktarn-D' camo (Kula Tactical) - Heavily modified (by yours truly) Chicom & scrote pouch - Mich helmet with Pencott green zone cover (from my other loadout) - Bolle x800 (highly recommend) - Mechanix gloves - Cyma AK - Battle belt, with Dynatec BFG 9mm (timed) in a pouch, Russian water bottle pouch (out of shot), dump pouch (out of shot), Blackhawk silencer pouch (that I use for carrying spare mk5's, also out of shot), WE Makarov (silver...for stealth) in an original soviet closed leather holster (out of shot), general purpose pouch (for extra ammo, spare mags, etc. out of shot). All pouches are OD. The Russian gear purists will probably balk at this cobbled together bunch of stuff, but it works for me. My regular sites are woodland, as you can probably tell, but this was taken today at 'Invicta Battlefield Black Site' in Kent - a great new site; CQB, with great games, balanced rules, and brilliant marshalls.
  3. Your initial stories of scraping kit together for your first games really hit home. Reminded me of my own early days. Oh memories! After years and years of getting through all manner of decent and/or improvised/modified load bearing kit, I've now quite comfortably settled on the following: A belt: with holster, pistol mag pouch, dump pouch, grenade pouch. A (heavily modified) chicom chest rig (get them for £20), they're amazing, as like most things made in the eastern bloc they were built en masse, to last and to continuously fix and upgrade. If you get the time, you can even take away the chicom's own, smaller, oil bottle & grenade pouches with a sharp knife, and sew molle loops there instead. That's what I did (pm if you want a pic). Now to those I've attached: Utility pouch, bayonet & canteen pouch. It comes with three mag pouches already. Truly enjoy working on my gear, improving it - you will too.
  4. Hello, About 12 years back, and about 10,000 rounds after having been upgraded with a 1J spring, my trusty TM Thompson (bought in 2005) stopped firing BB's (despite the motor still running when the trigger was pressed); as I had another AEG, not being very techy, and being too poor at the time to get it fixed, it has remained inactive ever since. It had seen a lot of use up till that point, and does appear well used. Adds to the realism, if you ask me! Now I'm wondering how much I'd get for it, and two TM locap mags (50rds each). I should also note that like many old TM Thompson M1A1's (indeed perhaps this persists with later makes and models?) the weak spot, where the barrel meets the receiver, sheared away mid-game; fortunately at the time I was able to buy a laser-cut metal repair kit/reinforced metal piece from someone in another (still active, yet for now will remain unnamed) forum, and it was repaired/re-attached; however, it did leave the barrel about two milimitres further away from the receiver than beforehand (due to my shoddy drill placement). See pic. Tbh, at the time I wrapped some black electrical tape around it to fill the gap, and no one ever really noticed. Please could I get an appraisal? Many thanks.

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    Hello, AK74 style handguard wanted for a Cyma/VFC Clone AK. If you've upgraded yours with a new RIS handguard etc. I'll happily chuck you a few quid for the old, bog standard one. Many thanks.


    , Kent

  6. Just seen this - looks freakin' sweet to me. What are the chances of this showing up in airsoft form in a few years?
  7. Appreciate the responses, Adolf Hamster & Sniper780. I was indeed aware of where the battery normally goes on most AK's (including the CM.040 I've got my eye on), but seeing as the last time I used an AK, it took an old-fashioned 9.6v stick battery that was placed under the cover, but could also slide into the upper handguard/gas tube section; not being so familiar with Lipos, I thought perhaps this might be an issue going forward. Adolf Hamster, as my intention was to use an 11.1v for the sake of upping the rof, if there indeed ends up only being space for a 7.4v once both the mosfet and gas tube have been installed, would it therefore be a better bet to install a higher speed motor instead? Thanks in advance.
  8. Though not wishing to make any excuses for TG, perhaps there exists some kind of exclusivity agreement, whereby they get a discount if utilising UPS' services for everywhere they post to? Or maybe UPS is the only company in their area? No idea...
  9. Having gone through this entire thread, I've been wondering, what do we think caused all this? Is this always going to be the case now? Have some people somehow miraculously escaped this issue?
  10. This is one for the AK74 owners, could do with your insight. Am thinking of getting this (see attached/uploaded image). As per the subject, do you think I'll have an issue fitting an 11.1v stick batt in the gun, once this has been installed? Not being much of a techie, I intend to have this pre-installed, along with a perun v3 mosfet, and a bunch of other things; before I take that leap, I thought I'd best mine our friendly community for information first. All the best.
  11. Sorry to revive an ancient thread, but did this ever come to fruition? Edit: Noob to these forums, my apologies, I may have missed something.
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