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  1. Appreciate the responses, Adolf Hamster & Sniper780. I was indeed aware of where the battery normally goes on most AK's (including the CM.040 I've got my eye on), but seeing as the last time I used an AK, it took an old-fashioned 9.6v stick battery that was placed under the cover, but could also slide into the upper handguard/gas tube section; not being so familiar with Lipos, I thought perhaps this might be an issue going forward. Adolf Hamster, as my intention was to use an 11.1v for the sake of upping the rof, if there indeed ends up only being space for a 7.4v once both
  2. Though not wishing to make any excuses for TG, perhaps there exists some kind of exclusivity agreement, whereby they get a discount if utilising UPS' services for everywhere they post to? Or maybe UPS is the only company in their area? No idea...
  3. Having gone through this entire thread, I've been wondering, what do we think caused all this? Is this always going to be the case now? Have some people somehow miraculously escaped this issue?
  4. This is one for the AK74 owners, could do with your insight. Am thinking of getting this (see attached/uploaded image). As per the subject, do you think I'll have an issue fitting an 11.1v stick batt in the gun, once this has been installed? Not being much of a techie, I intend to have this pre-installed, along with a perun v3 mosfet, and a bunch of other things; before I take that leap, I thought I'd best mine our friendly community for information first. All the best.
  5. Sorry to revive an ancient thread, but did this ever come to fruition? Edit: Noob to these forums, my apologies, I may have missed something.
  6. Thank you gentlemen for your replies, and merry Christmas. Have to say that I'm starting to angle more towards the G&G, given all their plus points. To those who own/have owned them, did you have difficulties with certain mags? Research points towards issues with other manufacturers' midcaps. I'd be looking to get a bunch of these, or something thereabouts (5.45 style): https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/d-day-dmag-ak12-ak74-30-130rnd-variable-cap-magazine Thanks again.
  7. Thanks Adolf Hamster, appreciate the words of advice. Any more for any more?
  8. Hello everyone, I started airsoft in 2005, and stopped around 2010 for family and financial reasons (with the odd game on and off since then), I say this as a kind of pre-apology for the possibly noob-like nature of my query - I aim to get back into the sport, hit the ground running, and this is where I hope you come in. This isn't a simple 'what gun should I get?' but more a 'what should I do to X AEG once I've got it, to make it more like Y AEG?' (hence the positioning of this particular thread in the technical section). Still owning my ancient, trusty JG Aug A2,
  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Classic Army SA58 Carbine - FAL style AEG - full metal where it should be, upgraded tighter inner barrel, 4-prong flash hider, rubber pistol grip cover, fired 10,000+ rounds in its 10 year history - definitely looks used, but it's a solid, reliable workhorse of a gun. Just search for it online/YouTube etc for a more detailed description. Also included: 6 x CA SA58 Mid-Cap Magazines (metal) 1 x CA SA58 Hi-Cap Magazine (metal) 1 x ACM 552 + 2 x AA Batteries 2 x Large 2200mah Tamiya connector Batteries 1 x ACM Mid-cap speedloader - M4 Mag style (not pictured) To be honest, of all my collection, this is the one I would least like to see go, but room must be cleared.



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