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Can anyone recommend a decent tech in Surrey/Sussex/London


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I'm hoping someone may be able to help me finding s decent tech around Surrey and the surrounding areas. I really don't mind travelling as long as its no more than a couple of hours each way.


I hurt my left ankle pretty badly a couple of months ago and the surgeon I saw yesterday said that it would never fully heal and I'll always be at risk of dislocation, etc.


I still want to play Airsoft when I'm mostly recovered (or as good as it will get). So was thinking of going down the DMR route?


I have a sniper already, but the idea of being a DMR really appeals.


I have a G&G warthog with an upgraded barrel and piston, but that's it at the moment.


I'm not too good at trying to upgrade the guns myself (I did try on a couple of boneyards with poor results).


So I'm hoping to employ someone to do it for me.


I know that DMR's are made as opposed to bought (except the few that come up on the classifieds from time to time).


Any thoughts or suggestions for techs would be massively appreciated 🙂




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Try the ‘suggest a tech’ section mite get better results ? 

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