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Hi all,

Just looking at all the kit, guns especially, they look fantastic. One in particular has caught my eye, well two, no three :D maybe four.

The ares? Tar 21, has anyone got one? What do you think?

I also like the ( not sure of the exact title ) but I think it is an SA80?.

Also the M4 looks cool, well they all look good, I went to patrol base, which is about two minutes from my house, never knew it existed, the guns feel great, good weight.

Not looking to buy at this stage, having not played yet. But any feedback would be appreciated.


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welcome to the forums :)

Both TAR21's are crap. the Ares is bad, the TSI is worse- if you even get hold of one.

steer well clear of both.

SA80's are generally good. IMO ARES make the best one, followed by ICS


as for m4's, G&P, VFC, KWA, ICS and Classic army all make good ones.

I believe one of our members works at patrol base, not sure though.

Welcome :)

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