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We 888 GBB and Umarex 416 Gbb, Thoughts?

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Hi all, 


New to the forum but have been skirming a good few years. I want to make the jump to GBB and the two rifles in the title are my options. I really like the look and feel of both and am looking for feedback from anyone that has used either of these. 


Many thanks in advance, 



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Ive had a we 888 and it was servicable though it wouldent lock open on the last shot if you had the stock collapsed. Ive also seen a lot of people complaining that the vfc never locks back without modification. 

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I have an 888, it’s a decent gun and mine has been very reliable and the bolt lock has been perfect. However I also have a couple of Marui MWS’ which are superior for skirmishing and consequently my WE doesn’t get that much use so it may not be a representative example.


One thing to note is that WE is in a habit of making unpublicised upgrades to their Weapons between production runs so it’s worth trying to get the most recent production.

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