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Well MB09/10 - AA to ML Crazy Jet barrel.

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Hello all.

I have a Well MB09/10 with the following upgrades.

Action Army 6.03mm EG Barrel for VSR 550mm. (Cut down to 505mm.)
Maple Leaf 60 degree bucking.
AirsoftPRO Full upgade zero trigger set
AirsoftPRO U shape hop arm
AirsoftPRO Cylinder
AirsoftPRO Cylinder Head
AirsoftPRO Bolt handle

So this is one of the Wells with the tapered outer barrel, so it's pretty long and cant change the hop unit out due to a slimmer profile then most VSR style hop units.

Currently its firing at 450fps on .2's without hop and overvoluming on .48's to the equivalent of 518fps on .2s. Only when my hop is properly adjusted will the FPS come down to just below appropriate levels for UK FPS using .48's. 

So I only ever use .48s on this, currently its lifting .48s really well, unfortunately the accuracy and consistency leaves me disappointed. This is probably down to my badly hacked up inner barrel which I cut from 550mm to 505mm.

So I was hoping to grab one of the Maple Leaf Crazy Jet 505mm as I have heard they work well on over volumed builds. But also I hear a shorter barrel would work better with heavier weight bbs. If I went with a shorter inner barrel would I have a problem considering I have such a long outer barrel? ( I had intended to build a silencer to quieten up the barrel noise).

What would my best option be at this moment in time?

Any idea what sort of FPS change I would have going from a 505mm AA 6.03 barrel to the Maple Leaf Crazy Jet?


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Got the barrel in. Fitted in fine. But I must have forgotten my old specs as this new was around 80mm longer. The FPS has been increased by a few FPS more. If I put a bit of Sorbo on the inside of the Cylinder head will that not only help deaden the sound, but also reduce FPS slightly by reducing Cylinder volume? 


Not only that but the barrel wouldnt go through the old muzzle brake so I had to drill it out to fit the inner barrel through and it now looks a little silly. 




Also the silencer adapter I ordered fits where the Muzzle Brake would go, so I now have inner barrel going through where the silencer would be! Unless of course I got a 16mm/14mm adapter for the end of the Muzzle Brake and stick the silencer there. 


What a nightmare. 



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