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A-Z of Airsoft

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We have an A-Z of airsoft here:




But it really needs updating. Some things might be wrong etc. If you see anything missing which could be in there let me know. For example AEP or ACOG (and that's just A) isn't in there. If you do find anything missing post what it is and make sure the definition is short :D


Another example is radio call signs. I want to gather up all the information first and make one big edit rather than keep going in at it.



Reason behind this is it's going in the app and I want the app to be up to date etc.

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very basic radio call signs


british army are letter number number i.e. alpha one two witch is company A (alpha) first platoon (number one) second section (number two)


"this is alpha one two"


and for a fireteam example bravo it whould be a letter ant the end


"this is alpha one two bravo"


a comander or IC thay whould have the call sign "zero"

for a second in command or 2IC thay whould be called "ZERO ALPHA"


"this is this is alpha one two zero calling alpha one two alpha zero"


US army is the same but thay tend to change the letter i.e. delta to another word domino


"this is domino one two"


it is the same deal for fireteams

"domino one two echo


but for company commanders it is changed frm alpha zero to actual



"this is domino actual calling domino one two "


this is very basic stuff if you want any more just ask

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saying "Repeat" over radio Comms is the same as saying. fire again on your target, learnt that one from royal navy comms training...and for gods sake if you ever say "over and out" on a radio i will find you and then get a big fish and beat you to death with it.

over = i want a response/i expect a response if no respose is neceroy can end there or for good measure you can confirm last transmition then say out.

out = end of conversation. will work with people trained to operate comms.........does not work on the girlfriend as she will most likely stab you

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