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ICS BLE XAE ~ Service, Spares & Mods

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Hi All 


 While not so new to shooting in general, I am new to Airsoft, so apologies in advance for any noobish questions that may follow. 


 Recently picked up a second hand ICS BLE XAE to use as a temporary sidearm until I build up a bit of cash for a Hicappa project next year. I've plinked a bit with it so far in my back garden and had a bit of a dramatic episode the first time i used it. I filled the mag up with gas and BBs, put it into the gun, then pulled the trigger only for a big cloud of gas to escape everywhere out of the barrel and grip. Initially i thought i was going to need a new loading nozzle, but after some googling i realised it was very likely to be user error, a mixture of not filling the Mags up with enough gas and it being very cold outside that day.  I've subsequently put some silicon spray on the internal workings and learned how to properly load green gas into a mag and now it seems to shoot like a dream. :) 


 So, for the question. Are there any other users on the forum that have an ICS BLE XAE and, if so;


 * What mods have you done and, if you have, where did you get the parts? 

 * Have you had to buy any OEM replacement parts for it and, if so, where did you get them? 

 * What accessories do you run on it? torches / lasers / tracers? 

 * Any other tips and tricks you might like to share? 


Thanks in advance to anyone who responds! 👍


 p.s. not really looking for comparisons agains other GBB pistols here. I know there are better / worse / alternative pistols on the market, but i've got this one now for a while so i'm looking to find out more about the specific maintenance requirements and upgrade potention of this pistol.  


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Hi Frank 

The pistol worked fine in the end after I’d pulled the blowback assembly apart and given it a good clean. I had no problems with the gun really, everyone who tried it liked it. I sold it to my mate though, because I couldn’t find anyone who could give me advice on upgrades.


I bought a second hand Tokyo Marui hicapa 5.1. I’ve put an SAS kit on it so I can fit a tracer and a new tightbore barrel and upgraded hop. Its a beast


Good luck with the BLE. Like I said, after I cleaned mine it worked a treat and never let me down. The guy I sold it to puts it in a  glock 17 hard plastic holster and it fits very nicely. he’s very happy with it.

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