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CM Raider FPS Upgrade

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Hi all, have a CM Raider that’s not been out the box in a while. Chrono’d and it’s hitting about 235 FPS on 0.25s.


Not clued up on springs so any suggestions what would bring it more to the limit?



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Im gonna guess it shoots say 275fps on 0.20's


Check for a torn/ripped/perished bucking first


pi$$ poor seals and weak spring that faded after being stored pre-cocked


buy a m105 spring is likely the response and a bit of service inside

think the G&G piston head is crap tbh


think you might want a new spring & likely this....




Normally I wouldn't recommend an alloy head but that combo is da nutz

SHS pistons often are bit tight in some boxes - but not in G&G's

That head though heavy is awesome, seriously if you don't get good~great compression then the o-ring is missing

could drop the bearings inside to save some weight (I would - use the G&G 5mm piston spacer)

but best put a bit of thread lock on the screw to be safe


m100 spring or element m105


ptfe tape on cylinder head, correct AoE


yup reckon that will fix it up quite nicely quite cheaply & easily

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