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GR300 parts ordered!

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Finally got round to ordering the last few bits for the  G&G Gr300 (short barrel)!

Front sight, rear sight, and the correct motor grip! The parts had to come from evike and are the wrong make (A&K) but I'm confident of the fit.




All it needs to finally be finished is a dusting down with some spray paint as it was a bit beaten up when I got it. And a mock bolt lock that I'm not too fussed about.

It's been in bits for years, but over the past few months I've been doing a little here and there. Getting it ready.

It's had a new gearbox, King arms shells, SHS bore up, ZCI gears, bushings shimming, ICS turbo motor. It's been rewired with a solid rear stock (I still  have the wire stock if I want to go back). And it's been rebuilt, body shimmed, Given a light tan dusting!

I'll get a picture up when I get chance, but I'm really happy with how it's coming together! Once it's done it'll be time for a wood kit on the G3!! I'm using that project to motivate this one!

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Really looking forward to seeing the photos!

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Just been out and taken the pictures. I'm  going to run them through the editor in a few minutes.

Total weight of the gun with no battery (inc mag) 2.56Kg on a full metal M4  lol!

I'll not be long with the pictures.












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