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Tristan Orr

The correct gun??

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Well I've been using these forums for a bit now, and I have noticed a lot of people trying to sell these, lame single shot orange and black plastic spring guns. I just think people might be confusing these with high powered AEG's! And if you are swapping this could be a massive conflict.


So could there either be a section for these types of guns. Or something else to stop anything like this happening.

Just to make you all aware so know one get hurt or upset :)





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Whilst I somewhat agree, adding another section to the forum isn't too practical from my perspective. I also think that giving it it's own section would glorify the sale of them and I don't really want the forum to be seen as somewhere to come and sell your crappy old springers :P


As long as sellers use good descriptions and buyers make themselves fully aware of what they're buying we shouldn't have any problems.

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