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Recommend me a motor and gear set?

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Everybody has got their own methods of doing crap

and V2's are not as easy as a v3 with motor cage to set the height

with v2's you gotta fit the grip to half of box and set height

trying to get ya head in there from a few angles to kinda judge it is ok....




Image result for shimming motor pinion to bevel


(I'd say the above pic is perhaps a smidge high at first glance but I'd wanna see it from all angles to gauge it best)


Image result for shimming motor pinion to bevel



I mean you can watch Rogers - "Shut Up Gears" 3 part guide but drilling holes n crap is a bit OTT

Plus you don't wanna go that friggin' nutz on a new CNC box


Get your height set right and shim up from there as best you can


Doing the pistol grip to box will give you an idea on how far up it all goes

Some grips and some motors really have to wound up high

Motors don't vary that much in length - about 0.5mm perhaps

But yeah I've found some builds the motor is almost up really high to its max

& others the motor is quite friggin' low - though most are about 60% to 75% height


bit of a bollock-ache I know but kinda try aim for best possible results

(within reason - I'm fairly sad but I'm not hacking/drilling holes in boxes ffs)

If I get it somewhere near Rogers (or Trigger's builds) then I'm pretty damn pleased

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