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Help Needed! Trigger issue w/Ares Tavor 21 M-TAR Sportline

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I recently purchased an Ares Tavor 21 M-TAR Sportline from a private seller who claimed it had previously only seen 2 days of gameplay.


On my first warmup game with the TAR, I noticed it started acting up - the gun would randomly stop working (as if the battery had died) and then restart when I changed between semi and auto. Then after a full hicap mag had gone through it, it completely stopped working.


The Marshall and onsite technician worked out it wasn't the motor as they tested it with a multimeter. Instead suggesting that the micro switch had jammed/ broken. 


The fire selector cannot be moved to "safe" as it locks up before then (as seen in the photo) and pulling the trigger while it is toggled as close to "safe" as possible pushes the selector back a little bit towards "semi" fire. 

The trigger also feels a bit odd and does not appear to depress properly. The tape on the handle was there when I bought it and I only assume it's for grip and not related to my problem


Has anyone ever had this problem before? And how straightforward is the TAR21 to take apart to try and fix this issue?


There is more information below and any advice or suggestions would be massively appreciated! 

If anyone had had any knowledge on this issue, it would be much appreciated if you could share anything constructive please. I hope to try to fix this issue myself once I understand what it could be.


thank you for reading and considering! 



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The trigger must be pulled all the way each shot. Spamming the trigger will result this behaviour you experienced before it stopped.

Now that it stopped, it can still be that it just stopped in a bad place and once you move the gears a bit, it will work again. For that you will need to release the spring. If I remember correctly the tavor's bolt release also moves the anti reversal latch. Try pressing it to see if it fixes it.

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