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CM045C - AKS74UN What Sling?

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I've just ordered a new toy CYMA CM045C. It should be here Monday. With 3 mid caps it came in at £190. Strange coincidence, after the exchange rate from PLN to GBP the mags are £7.62 each B)


I've ordered a few other bits to make it mine, vertical foregrip with pressure pads, red torch and a grip with finger grooves. Now The only thing I'm unsure of is a sling.


With my M4 I use an Magpul MS2 style and love the transition single point to 2 point. But with the AK it has a stock loop, but it looks more suited to a strap attachment not a clip. The front end fixing looks like it would be too big for the MS2 clip. So what slings to people use on shorties like this?

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