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57 minutes ago, PhantomUltron said:

Hi this seems to be a touchy subject so lets make this clear: I am after radio recommendations, and if needed, the adaptor to make the radio work with this headset. Thanks



With radios the two ‘right’ choices are the licence free PMR frequency range and you have a vast choice in handsets from cheap to £££s or a buying a licence and having a more ‘professional’ programmable handset.  

PMR comes with a power limit so the range is affected, but is perfectly reasonable in distances we can play in

Licenced comes with the ability to have more power & range (still affected by too many buildings, trees and hills.  But your ‘unique’ frequency is also sold to someone else in the country, ideally nowhere near you but if two groups of airsofters in the far reaches of the country are allocated the same frequency and then come to one event then you find yourselves interferring with each other 


Moderator Edit: Do not ignore the law and use PMR frequencies with a non-PMR radio. 


Ideally go down the PMR route and you can select whichever frequency you want at the time to avoid other groups or to stay in touch with other groups on your side.

But to communicate with others it would mean they also need to be using PMR etc, so that will depend on the local crowd


There are plenty of threads on radios for you to have a search through


For the headset socket compatibility you can’t always absolutely be sure from the look/size/type of plug

That one says it’s a ‘military standard’ plug.  They could just be bigging that up as a jack plug made of metal and plastic insulation, and wired as or they could mean its to NATO specifications - which are not always the same, eg there are US NATO standard sockets

and the rest of NATO sockets








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My old favourite is the Motorolla XTNiD which is discontinued but still goes around second hand.  The current equivalent is the Motorolla XT460


It has a lot good quality feel and is to the same standards as ‘professional’ ones in security & business etc 



They are PMR compliant and you programme them to the frequenciesnyou will want to use.  That means instead of say having frequency 7.11 for your team and relaying onto 4.05, or

running an event and switching between faction commanders for missions, marshalls for game running, and back to the safe zone, which all means you have to keep dialling around frequencies or carry an assortment of handsets you programme them into the handsets channels 1,2,3,4 etc and then communicate with each at the flick of a button 

Set it up beforehand with software and a programming cable, then also clone one radio onto others, or without the software you can manually programme each channel







But there are plenty good PMRs, I also have a number of Cobras (I think they are the MT645)


With motorolla you can be pretty sure they use Mororolla plug sockets, which are a 2 pin standard


With others you may find they still use the Motorolla or something that looks like a 3.5mm jack but two identically looking plug/socket combinations could be wired very differently 



I can’t say what plug type that headset uses as the ‘military specification’ is insufficient

That could mean 1/4” 0.205” (about 1/5”), 3.5mm jack ....... etc and the actual wiring could vary

You would need to ask the seller for more info or buy it then have a guess from what you get 

A diy method would be once you have the headset to go to marlins for some plug/socket parts and experiment with wiring them in common configurations until it works




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15 minutes ago, PhantomUltron said:

thanks for your help, is there anything cheaper? a few people have recommended using the motorola t60/80s?  

Absolutely - either would be good.


Some people will be put off by the look of the bright case options, but if you carry it in a pouch/pocket or don’t care then when you drop a yellow radio in a field it gets found by someone quickly


The beauty of PMR is that they are to set specifications and power ratings, so as long as it’s not cheap and nasty then they are pretty much on a par for performance no matter what manufacturer & model you get


Even the cheap and nasty ones used to be useful - it was common for cheaper ones to only have the basic 8 frequency’s and not the sub frequencies.  As that is technically on the same

frequency with a tweak that ‘proper’ pmrs ignored and cheap pmrs didn’t support I used to actually carry a cheap one to monitor various ‘channels’ at once, then use my decent one to respond. It’s harder now to find ones that will do that


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2 hours ago, PhantomUltron said:

cheers for all the help. with the push to talk adaptors do they just act as switches or are they actually push to talk?

It will work as push to talk, just as a touch switch


Hold it down, transmit is on, release and listen 


Definately use PTT and not VOX


VOX is the spawn of the devil, it transmits every time you breath, shoot, fart etc and blocks radios 

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