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  1. PhantomUltron

    Classic Army HK416

    Time Left: 6 days and 21 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    This is a Classic Army CA416. Originally a two tone the stock has been replaced and the front rail resprayed. This is listed as for parts but it does work. It misfires and drops fps on a few shots so it’s strictly no refunds. If you are in need of a backup or can replace parts or upgrade this would be a great starting block for the price. This is in full working condition supplied with wo magazines both Cyma M4 mags. Top front and rear sight included. The gun is perfect for a project or beginner looking to spend as little as possible on a working gun. Postage included, Paypal YOU pay fees and any questions please ask!


  2. PhantomUltron

    Laser & Light Comination

    Time Left: 6 days and 20 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Torch and light combination. Both have either pressure pads on on off switches. Price includes postage. Paypal YOU pay fees. Any Questions please ask!


  3. PhantomUltron


    Time Left: 5 days and 20 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Selling: Viper MTP Leg Pistol Holster £10 PTS Foregrip Plastic Black £10 LIPO Charger & Plug £10 Motorola PTT £10 Desert Locust Goggles 1x smoke thermal lense 1x clear thermal 1x clear non thermal - £35 3x Scope Mounts / Facepaint / Gopro Mount / Sling Mount / NVG Helmet Mount - All £5 All prices include shipping to UK - ONO - Any questions please ask!


  4. PhantomUltron

    L85A2 SA80 ICS


    • For sale
    • Used

    This is a perfectly working ICS L85A2 SA80. It shoots 0.2 BBS at 280fps on average. I am including the original foregrip, but the Daniels Defence rail is currently attached. Fire Semi / Full Auto on standard M4 mags (none included). 2 Point sling also included. Any questions please ask! Collection Camberley surrey or postage costs £15.


  5. PhantomUltron

    gopro housing

    not for these only for the sessions, but thanks
  6. PhantomUltron

    gopro housing

    anyone used a gopro hero 5 for airsoft? whats the best housing to use for it to stop the pellets destroying the lens? Thanks
  7. PhantomUltron

    Radio recomendations

    cheers for all your help mate I now know exactly what I am going to get, thanks this forum is better for info than facebook lol!
  8. PhantomUltron

    Radio recomendations

    cheers for all the help. with the push to talk adaptors do they just act as switches or are they actually push to talk?
  9. PhantomUltron

    Radio recomendations

    thanks for your help, is there anything cheaper? a few people have recommended using the motorola t60/80s?
  10. PhantomUltron

    Radio recomendations

    literally all I am after is someone to recommend me a radio, legal no license and the adaptor to work with that headset. thanks
  11. PhantomUltron

    Radio recomendations

    thanks for your help mate, any recommendations on say amazon?
  12. PhantomUltron

    Radio recomendations

    Hi this seems to be a touchy subject so lets make this clear: I am after radio recommendations, and if needed, the adaptor to make the radio work with this headset. Thanks http://hwairsoft.com/airsoft-ztactical-zsordin-headset-mic-boom-radio-peltor-comtac-2-multicam-mtp-mc/
  13. PhantomUltron

    where to buy?

    used m4 aeg cant remember make it was ok but sold it a few years ago
  14. PhantomUltron

    where to buy?

    anything with a scope and good bolt action feeling would be awesome!
  15. PhantomUltron

    where to buy?

    would take something more powerful, i should have said. I just want something that is reliable and accurate and has good working metal parts, i dont really want to buy cheap then buy again if you know what i mean.