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Which Gun Is Better?

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I know the answer to this question is ultimately which one I prefer but I honestly can't decide. 

I've got a G&G CM16 SRXL and an Evolution Airsoft Lone Star Rancher which I've installed a Nuprol BOCCA Free Float onto. Pretty much one of my mates want to buy one of the guns off of me and he is telling me it's up to me which I sell. Both are pretty much identical in price and I like both equally as much. The G&G is completely stock, MOSFET and everything. Lone Star seems to have the better ROF but haven't field tested enough to know which has better accuracy/ range but they are both very nice quality AEGs. The G&G is Plastic/ Metal and is Lighter/ WAY more comfortable to hold. Lone Star seems to have some amazing build quality but is full metal and quite heavy, pistol grip isn't to my liking either. 

If anyone could give me some advice as to which one I should keep then I would love to hear it. Only reason I am asking is because I'm trash at comparing things.
Thanks a lot everyone!

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