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G&G ARP9 upgrades

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Hi all, I’m newish to Airsoft and just picked up a G&G ARP9.

Im getting around 310 FPS with 0.2’s which isn’t bad, however, I run 0.25s when playing and despite being an awesome CQB gun I’d like to get it a little more accurate at ranges over 70 feet. 


I’m thinking about upgrading the inner barrel to a Prometheus 6.03 Tightbore moving from the G&G 130mm barrel to a 229mm one and potentially replacing the bucking to a better one as well. I may potentially put in an M110 spring as well but wanted to see how the extended barrel holds up first.


I plan on on getting a suppressor to cover over the extended barrel, mostly because it looks better than the ‘loudener’ that comes with the gun! 


As i’ve not upgraded a gun before I wanted to hear your thoughts and get any input, would I be better doing something else with my cash? 



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Have a search of the forums for improve accuracy upgrades. 


Most at people on here would say don't change the barrel, there really isn't much improvement you can get for the cost.


Most people will tell you, clean the Barrel, use Good quality BBs up to .28g and if your still not getting what your after, consider changing the bucking and nub, the ones that are most recommended around here are the G&g Green(which id actually assume your gun already has in) and the PROMMY purple.  


No doubt someone will come along and add a few other bits and pieces.

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