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Krytac Receiver compatibility

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Hi Folks, 


I was hoping someone might be able to help me out on this one. I have a Krytac trident mkii series and I am looking know if anyone has tried fitting a different brand upper receiver to the Krytac lower? Basically I have the SPR version but fancy have a MK18 option and without having to buy an entirely new AEG I just want to build the upper seperately but I want to know if anyone has tried fitting a King Arms or even a G&P upper receiver to the Krytac lower? 


I have an old King Arms M4 back at home in Ireland and don't fancy having to lug its upper over to the UK if it isn't going to fit so thought I would ask questions first to see if anyone else has tried. I have done this before with other brands but the Krytac seems to be a little different in build.


Any advise will be greatly appreciated.



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