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  1. Good shout, will give them a look and see what I can find, cheers!
  2. Hi guys, anyone know if night evolution lights fit real steal mount, eg haley strategic thorntails, dropwings, etc? I have the M600 which is a surefire copy, but not too sure how it lines up with the real deal so don't want to drop 50 quid for a mount and it not to fit. Cheers
  3. That's good to know, thanks for the heads up. At least they are still manufacturing them. Trying to find one in stock is the next challenge really. Also didn't realise the cybergun one was made by VFC. Wouldn't be that pushed on cybergun, although having set that I have never had any luck with WE gas mags for any pistols. The valve always fail.
  4. Hi Folks, I am keen to get my hands on a SCAR H GBB....I know WE used to make one and then cybergun took over. Anyone know if either of these brand are still actually making these things or is it a thing of the past? Cheers
  5. Interesting idea! I was shopping around to see if the FMA adapters fit the earmor headphones but nobody has tried it or willing to share if they did. The thing is that the earmor wire is stitched into the headband so you do have to tear it open to get the wire out, not ideal.
  6. Have you already tried it then? I did like the idea of being able to flip the cups up when they got too hot or uncomfortable which is possible with the helmet mount. As for taking my helmet off in game it can and does happen. There might some quick hit and run missions that you might just want to grab a cap or boonie instead of a helmet...or even in the summer a helmet can get heavy and sweaty and fog up eye pro.
  7. Hi folks, I am looking at getting some ear pro and have my eyes set on the Opsmen Earmor M32's. The issue is that you can only get either the helmet mounted version or the headband version. Can anybody which is more comfortable/practical when it comes to the two? Obviously if I need to take off my lid for whatever reason, then I am without comms, but how comfortable is it to wear the headband version with a fast helmet? Does the convenience and comfort of the helmet mounted version out weight that of the comfort and convenience of the headband version allowing you to wear other headwear or even just take off the lid and still have access to your comms? This is for any version of headsets, Sordins, Comtacs, etc....not just the M32's Cheers
  8. I have bought a good few cheap brands, done them up, and sold them on in the past and have seen most brand out of the box potential. I now have a Krytac SPR and must it is hands down the best piece of kit out of the box you get for that price range. If you have more money (considering you are an airsofter I think its safe to assume you don't, much like the rest of us) get Tokyo Marui. If you think its cray to spend that money get a Krytac. If you feel you want to upgrade it or get more out of it, I strongly recommend getting you hands on a Gate Warfet and running and 11.1 lipo in it and it should work an absolute dream.
  9. Good shout man, will give that a go! Thanks
  10. Hi Folks, I was hoping someone might be able to help me out on this one. I have a Krytac trident mkii series and I am looking know if anyone has tried fitting a different brand upper receiver to the Krytac lower? Basically I have the SPR version but fancy have a MK18 option and without having to buy an entirely new AEG I just want to build the upper seperately but I want to know if anyone has tried fitting a King Arms or even a G&P upper receiver to the Krytac lower? I have an old King Arms M4 back at home in Ireland and don't fancy having to lug its upper over to the UK if it isn't going to fit so thought I would ask questions first to see if anyone else has tried. I have done this before with other brands but the Krytac seems to be a little different in build. Any advise will be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  11. Fair enough point, I am only going off of what others have done in the past. Most people I know would generally get the ferry over which is easier to bring that sort of kit over in. Its a little old but this is the reference/guide anyone I know who has done it would have used: http://www.irishairsoft.ie/useful-links/playing-abroad/
  12. If they have their return flight/boat/car booked with the same amount of bags ie they are bringing their kit over, staying for a game or two over a few days and then going home with the same kit they are technically not importing it. What you will need to do it get an invitation from the sites he wishes to play at on headed paper, have a ticket of the events, etc to prove that they is coming for a specific event/game days and then going back they should be fine. This was the way a lot of my mates brought their gear over from Ireland when going to any big events here in the UK...all without UKARA memberships. If you are bringing it back, you are not importing it, plus you can own an RIF with UKARA, you just can't buy, import or sell them.
  13. TM all the way, don't bother with the AEP, GBBs are mentioned are way more fun and being TM will work even in the winter. I have had my TM glock 17 for years and it has never failed me!
  14. Hi folks, Anyone ever used these guys before? They have good reviews on Google but want to be sure they are legit. They seem to be asking for UKARA which is a good sign. Cheers
  15. Yeah that really is the ticket I think! Maybe I might pop into a shop and have a chat with the lads to see what they say. As I have said I don't want to get anyone into any trouble or bring a negative light onto the community...I just want to be able to get my kit over/get new kit so I don't have to pay for 2 months worth of rentals.
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