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G&G/army armament l85 semi problem possible fix

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I know there's a few topics on this already but I have been playing for ages to fix this problem and there is nothing to suggest a fix,  mostly recently I have cut the wire for the active braking which seems to have cured it,   will see how it goes over the next few weeks,  mine has a shs sector gear and normal piston with tooth removed and alloy spacer.

I know some might say you need this but I'm waiting on a mosfet anyway,  if anyone has managed to cure the problem fully themselves please advise 


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I "think" the semi option which is down to pre-cocking on the L85 sector

could be resolved by using a 19 tooth sector from a SR25 (non pre-cocking)


AB is not wise due to the motor being halted with no over run/spin on this

The sector pre-cocks so the drive chain is under load when Cut off lever kicks

this will slow the gun's motor/drivechain more than normal but AB would make it stop on a half penny/tanner

Thus with no overspin the sector stops asap on AB or low juice and the COL is still raised slightly

So you have this lock-up issue on semi on G&G/AA L85's due to stock sector's cam pre-cocking


Can use more juice to help it run on a bit with no AB & help fire from pre-cocked

use a std 18:1 or 16:1 16 tooth sector gear but short strokes it and requires piston spacer

(or metal rack 19 tooth piston)

Or use the "regular non pre-cocked SR25" 19 tooth sector gear

99.9999% the SR25 sector works coz it is the std 16 tooth with 3 more teeth

& you are using a std SHS sector atm

Only thing I will say is the SHS SR25 has a bearing on so you can't add a delay clip


Yeah you can use a "normal" sector gear which is only 16 teeth

but need the 9mm or 10mm piston spacer on a regular piston

or a metal rack 19 tooth piston & effectively allow it to be short stroked with a 16 tooth sector

(you need metal rack as on std 19 piston you would release on a nylon tooth instead of metal release tooth)


TBH - use 11.1v on a slow torque motor with non AB mosfet seems to work for most

if still no joy, then use SR25 or SVD 19 tooth sector with no pre-cocking

yeah you lose the pre-cocking feature but you already lost that on a std sector

(ok you could say it is Short stroked 16 instead of 19 but your volume or stroke has dropped)


As long as your motor is fairly slow on a std 18:1 or 21:1 ratio I think them v6/v7 gears are you will not get PME on 11.1v


Do you want to try a SHS SR25 sector - the last tooth is a bit "chunky" & has a bearing

I am very unlikely to use it I think and might have a 19 tooth piston about


BUT - with a std "normal" sector you shouldn't be having semi lock ups I would of thought

Unless you have a real slow rof & releasing trigger a tad too early


Anyway - if you have got rid of AB & std sector it should stop or prevent these lockups

But if you wanna try a sr25 sector and need a piston gis a shout

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