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  1. I know there's a few topics on this already but I have been playing for ages to fix this problem and there is nothing to suggest a fix, mostly recently I have cut the wire for the active braking which seems to have cured it, will see how it goes over the next few weeks, mine has a shs sector gear and normal piston with tooth removed and alloy spacer. I know some might say you need this but I'm waiting on a mosfet anyway, if anyone has managed to cure the problem fully themselves please advise
  2. Asg aw338 will it take ares aw338 magazine's Green gas powered Thanks
  3. Chris801

    Patrol Base

    Quite quick delivery, don't use if you want a two tone, worst paint job I have ever seen and for £15 not not happy at all, terrible masking and over spray everywhere including inside mag housing, would have taken 2 minutes to remove stock and couple of parts to do a tidy job. Doubt I'll ever use again
  4. Anyone had an issue fitting one of these rubbers, it appears to be to short, using a ra tech inner barrel and 75 degree vsr rubber?
  5. I believe tqm has been closed down for some time and recently reopened online only, bought a ra tech trigger set from them as it was on offer, arrived in a couple of days well packaged and in good order, definitely worth a look
  6. Just purchased a we scar from zo, did it over the phone and found staff very friendly and helpful, yes you can buy cheaper elsewhere but if you want two tone there the only site to my knowledge that don't charge for the service, couldn't comment on cs as never needed to, Postage is always fast from them,
  7. Petrol is safe and works well but won't remove all types of paint, cellulose thinners will remove all paints but do not use on abs plastic only metal or polymer Cellulose you can buy in Halfords Personal experience is not massive but I have used cellulose on a plastic G&G raider, a&K m249 and we scar, petrol on ics as cellulose will melt the plastic
  8. Anyone know if these two are the same, I have a open bolt L, want to buy ra tech steel assembly and some sites don't list the model number with the product just says we scar Thanks
  9. Thanks for the replies, and merry Xmas all, will be trying black ops and Spartan, was looking at Bristolairsoft at the old crown court aswell but nobody has mention there so is there something I should know?
  10. Hi all just saying hi from me and the wife, both going to start playing in the new year, around Bristol area, hoping your all a friendly bunch Thanks
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