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Bringing a gun while visiting Scotland

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Hello, I have been playing for many years in the US, and am coming to Edinburgh for one semester to study so I thought I'd check out many of the fantastic fields nearby where I am staying. From my understanding, to legally bring in an airsoft gun to Scotland for use while I'm here I will need to fill out the Form AWL3? My current plan is to deliver the form in person and have my rifle shipped to me once I have been given approval from the police station to import it. Is this the recommended way of doing it? If anyone has any pointers I'd love to hear them. I understand I can rent, however I'm planning on attending more than one venue and so it would likely be cheaper to bring my own + much nicer than your average rental that's been beaten to hell. 



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I would be a bit careful with that if i were you. (I am not an expert on the law)


That form is for air weapons, airweapons require a license up here in Scotland.


Iif you read further down this page :


You will see the power levels for UK Airsoft rifles.


Your rifle is likley to have a higher power than UK airsoft guns. You would not be able to use it at our airsoft fields without a downgrade to match UK power levels.


Probably best to hire or buy then sell before you leave, a UK spec rifle whilst you are here. 


On the bright side, Edinburgh has two local sites and is easy travel distance from 4 or 6 (depends how far you want to go) other Airsoft venues.

So you won't be stuck for somewhere to go.


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For one semester I wouldn't recommend it


Scotland has seperate laws and introduced the new legislation which required a firearms certificate for air weapons 

Under other firearms legislation across the UK both paintball and airsoft guns could be a firearm if the power/force is high enough , there are specific exemptions to parts of legislation and it is felt that paintball is exempt in Scotland because of paintball frangibilty.There were specific airsoft exemptions in drafts of the Scottish legislation but I can't remember if that was kept in the final copy when it went active


If the police accepted it and approved an AWL3 then that would show you as legal for the duration of your trip, and that would back you up on arrival



A different issue you could get is dependant on where you will be living.  If at a university on campus then you might not be permitted to have airsoft guns in your accommodation 

A university airsoft society that I'm aware of could not store airsoft guns in their on campus storage and members living on campus could not possess their own airsoft guns

Members living off campus would look after them instead 



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Thanks for the replies. It comes under the limit (1.3J) for classifying as not an air weapon, however I definitely get what you guys are saying. I am staying in a flat off campus so that is not an issue regarding storage (with the uni at least). Since it comes under the limit of 1.3j, does it need registration at all? I am a little unclear on this subject. 

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None of mines are registered. All under 1.3j full auto  and 2.5 for bolt action/DMR

They were all bought after i gained my UKARA membership.


I can ask around at the local site, but suspect I would get the same answer.


From the website i linked to



Airsoft guns with a muzzle energy below 2.5 joules (or 1.3 joules for fully automatic guns) are not covered by the 2015 Act. These guns are already controlled by the firearms legislation, notably the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006. Airsoft guns above these muzzle energies may require a certificate – you should contact the police for advice."


When you get over here, feel free to get in touch.  Always happy to have some more company on a sunday @landwarrior.

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