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I hope its ok to post here. I got a airsoft gun ( A&K AEG Masada ACR in green twotone ) i got a bipod for it has a few scratches on the paint. orginal and spare mag battery charger etc but only been used for target shooting. 


Im disabled and stuggle to use it now and have no idea how much i should be asking for it. Would any body have any suggestions. Thanks.


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so your first problem is that its a two tone, as nobody really wants them as most like me will play their 3 games so they can get membership and ukara so they can buy a real looking airsoft weapon.


second is with it been a airsoft weapon their is not many places you can sell it, (not without asking for problems)

price wise i would expect to get about 30-40% of what you payed for it at best.  because its second hand and two tone.





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