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New member to airsoft forums

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Hi All,  been skimming the forums over the last few years for info and thought it time i got round to registering an account.


I got into airsoft a few years ago with my wife after spending time with her on a shooting range in the USA on honeymoon and my better half discovering a love for guns.  we played a game at a local site and while it wasnt the best run day, we both loved the game and son after became members at our closest CQB indoor site.  we have recently started looking to travel around the uk a bit further to try other sites and as we are around Nottingham we have found a lot of great sites within a few hours drive.


also im now in my 40s and still out of shape which has influenced my setup a little bit


My gear has changed over the last few years 


first guns


ASG sportline m15 SIR - i had a chance to fire an M15 as a kid so with a little nostalgia and liking the look bought this without realising its fairly unsuitable for CQB type games and very heavy for an all day outdoor game.  it now has been stripped and rebuilt a few times and is mainly the gun i use for learning about the internals, so far have stripped the gearbox and rebuilt and rewired to the rear, stabilised the inner barrel to increase accuracy, have replaced the SIR system with an octarms keymod rail, added a bipod and 6x scope (40 something eyesight needs the help) and given a worn custom paintjob.  planning to use this as the basis of my own aeg build which im hoping to start this year.


WE P226 - cracking pistol never let me down but has been sold on now


First setup


Osprey mkiv -  sounded like a good idea in my head until I tried spending a whole day running around in it fully loaded.  more like wearing a personal sauna and also meant i failed to always feel when i had been hit.  after playing a cqb all day game i had to change it for something else.


current Guns


ASG M15 - mentioned above - work in progress setting up for long range games


GHK G5 - got this just before spending a weekend at Eastmere training village airsofting, love the recoil the GBB gives, it feels a good weight to carry though most of the weight is in the mags.  the sound of it firing on full auto tends to get a few comments too. added a small 40mmm grenade launcher for room clearance with scatter shells


TM HiCapa - great pistol and is going to be slowly upgraded with cnc aluminium parts over the next couple of years, planning to rebuild it into a DVC Limited style hicapa.


Armorerworks hi capa black ace - another great pistol, good recoil, nice sound and quick firing.  firing around 320fps now the spring is settling down


Krytac Trident PDW mk2  - brand new and haven't had a chance to try this out in game....still trying to get a battery that fits the stock.  hopefully will get a run out this weekend.  the gun fires well and seems to have a good ROF on a 7.4v lipo.  the weight feels good and love the look of it.


40mm grenade launcher pistol - addition to my setup when using the Krytac as strapping an under barrel on just doesnt look right with the size


gear setup


I have a belt and drop leg panel set up for CQB games, when going outdoor i drop the leg panel and add a plate carrier


WAS PLB belt - tried a few and did some research, fantastic fit and comfortable when loaded for the day

5x40mm pouches - trmr with USA 209 base (carries 8 spare blanks in the base), 40mm grenades, smoke

left handed holster

firstaid kit

utility pouch - used as a dump pouch and any bits i need out in the game eg speed loader

Radio Pouch

double sa80 mag pouch - card pyro and smoke

double sa80 mag pouch - carries the 40mm grenade launcher pistol when in use


WAS sabre dropleg panel - a leg panel that tends to stay in position without having to cut circulation when loaded with 2 x g5 mags and 3 pistol mags which is around 2.3kg of weight

2 x quick mag m4 pouch

3 x quick mag pistol mag pouchs


WAS DCS plate carrier - due to my level of fitness I went for this based on the fit and weighing around 0.9kg.  very comfortable to wear and easy to get on and off

3 x open m4 mag pouches combined with 3 x pistol mag pouches

2 x smoke grenade pouches 

1 x viper utility pouch for a timed BFG

3 L hydration bladder inserted into DCS rear pocket


I have just added a helmet to my kit to carry a contour camera but this will probably be used more on outdoor woodland style games or milsims once a bit fitter.




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Hello mate welcome to the forum, and what an interesting introduction and it's awesome you get to share the hobby/sport with your wife too. :)

I am sure your going to like it here and will get to talk to see like minded people as well as get help if needed.. 


You have some very nice guns too, I am very tempted myself on the ghk g5, tiny little rifle but it's reputation speaks for itself. 


I have a few Hi-capas too, few standard and a few customised ones including one of my pride and joy fully customised build gun, I do love building these Hi-capas that's for sure, just as much fun for me as shooting them. :)


Happy Shooting. 

ATB Marc 

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Welcome :) 

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