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kn1ght hawks

Advise on UKARA vs Two Tone Gun

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Hi All


i would like a bit of advise


ive been away from airsoft for about 10 years due to battleing ill health

but im back on my feet again and id like to get back into the sport, a lot has changed since ive left. the main thing been UKARA & two tone guns.


so when i would like to ask advise on is this...  IF one person in a team has UKARA and can buy RIFS  is their any law been broken in that person buying all the RIFS for the team ?


i ask this as most of the guys who want to team up with me are in the services (i.e.. fire service or airforce)  and so because of them been away at different times and different locations most of them would not be able to go to a site 3 times with in the allowed time frame.


so could one person get a registered membership at a local airsoft site and become a UKARA member then buy the teams guns.


also is their any law stating how powerfull a airsoft gun can be, or is it still down to each airsoft site you play at and their fps rules/limit


im sorry for asking the questions but were just trying to decide on if its worth the hassle for a RIF gun or if we should go for a two tone



also a local airsoft site is offering UKARA membership when you pay and become a member,  would this be a easy way of been registered so we could buy full RIFS with out the 3 game visits ??!?



any advise and help would be much Appreciated,  Thanks in advance   :)


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Welcome back.


Yes, this is fine, but if you pay them then that's still considered a transaction and then the liability is on them to be sure that you can prove you're an airsofter. So long as they're happy with that then there's not a problem, but they are under the same obligation that any other retailer is to be able to prove that they did their part to make sure you had a valid defence. If they know you play at the same site regularly then that would be enough - with UKARA though, it's a bit grey as there's little clarification and also no case law that pertains to actual airsofters (no airsoft retailer has been prosecuted under that section of UKARA as far as I'm aware). Just don't be idiots, make sure your friend knows the onus is on them and you'll be fine.


I don't know of any sites near me that will register you to the UKARA database until you've played 3 games and usually paid for membership for that site too. You might want to clarify with the site owner whether or not they're asking for the 3 games first, because they might just be omitting this for whatever reason but still actually require it. Again, any site I've known has needed those 3 games but I suppose some might be happy to take your money first. The 3 games in no less than 2 months rule is a requirement to be added to the UKARA database, but I imagine they could falsify this if they wanted to.

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