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Question to the gun techs out there

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somive recently purchased an ASG mp5 as a project gun but I want to use it as a back up gun for NAE in the mean time. The issue is the trigger response is abysmal. Would I get away with just throwing a high torque motor in it or would that blow the gears or piston? Would that even help in my case? 


The next question is what upgrades should I aim for in the long run? I ultimately want a gun optimised for single fire game play so no RoF builds. Bare in mind I'm new to doing work on guns so if anything I've said sounds silly then that'll be why.


thank you so much in advance 

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High torque motors are not the universal panacea for guns that don't perform as you'd like.

An Airsoft AEG isn't complicated, but it is a system where everything has to work together in order perform well. A powerful motor is useless if the battery and wiring can't supply the current it needs. Spinning the gears at ferocious speeds is going to end in broken parts if the spring can't push the piston forward quickly enough that is in the right place next time the sector gear comes around etc.

I've not got any experience with MP5s, but it's fitted with a V2 gearbox, and that I do know my way around. I'm sure someone will chip in on the quality of ASG internals.

Start small and work up. First thing would be to upgrade the wiring to 16awg, the connectors to mini Deans and squeeze a basic Mosfet in. Then get the largest 7.4v lipo that you can fit. You now have a power system that is a proper foundation for whatever you consider doing next, and should pep things up a bit by itself.

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