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  1. Great response guys! I just wish there were more people at my field who ran smgs, I'm a bit bored of the whole m4 thing tbh. Great to see there's still some smgs out there.
  2. I've got an mp5 and looking at picking up a crate of mags pretty soon but can't decide how I'm gonna hold it all so i guess your all gonna have to show me the rig set ups you run. I'm stuck between a belt or chest rig. All ideas are welcome.
  3. Okay, so I've got a b&t mp5 (pretty sure it's a rebrand of the ash, if anyone could confirm that?) Which I want to get the flashlight handguard for. Issue is the current one is tight with the smallest nimh battery I can find so it looks like it's gonna be a lipo job. I don't plan on putting a powerful battery in but I'm still pretty sure it'll need a mosfet. So my question is how do i install one? And as a bonus, I'd like one which will need or stop working when the battery gets low if anyone would be kind enough to recommend?? Many thanks in advance.
  4. Right... so what your saying is its probably rebadged asg rifle?
  5. Yeah, I've played a game with it already and loved it. I just really lacked in range and I've put a much stronger motor in it as the original was really sluggish. Also rhe battery space is ridiculously tight so need to run a mini lipo really. No, its b&t My main concern is I've put a bigger motor in whichis crazy powerful, halfed the trigger response and then some but I'm paranoid its going to strip the gears. Id rather not send it away. I work as a mechanical engineer so I'm confidant I can learn to do it but the flipside to that is ive got no experience with gear boxes in airsoft guns and dont have a clue where to start. Thankseveryone for the quick replies!
  6. So I have a b&t sportline mp5 that I'm looking to upgrade. I understand there were better choices but i dont exactly have the funds to go back. My question is will any v2 gear box fit in it? I know they are used in m4s but are these directly compatible or are there suitable differences?
  7. Awesome, I'll give it a go. Thanks a lot for your help man, appreciate it
  8. So how do I stop the half cycle issue? This is the only gun I've had this issue with.
  9. I have recently bought a new ASG mp5 for about £100. I've just put a g&g motor in and although it cycled quickly it still had poor trigger response. It also has this really annoying issue of half cycling (winds a little but doesn't shoot) if I pull the trigger fast enough. Are either of these an issue that would be solved by a new trigger unit? Will an m4 trigger unit from an m4 fit or would it be mp5 specific? Im completely new to all of this so any help what so ever would be massively appreciated thanks in advance
  10. Thanks a lot hangtight, appreciate the quick reply!
  11. somive recently purchased an ASG mp5 as a project gun but I want to use it as a back up gun for NAE in the mean time. The issue is the trigger response is abysmal. Would I get away with just throwing a high torque motor in it or would that blow the gears or piston? Would that even help in my case? The next question is what upgrades should I aim for in the long run? I ultimately want a gun optimised for single fire game play so no RoF builds. Bare in mind I'm new to doing work on guns so if anything I've said sounds silly then that'll be why. thank you so much in advance
  12. Lizard: they are rigs I've been looking at for A while but I don't think they take plates. I've not seen anywhere which says they do.
  13. Robert James: they are exactly what I'm looking for but they are real steel vests, way out of my price range and I'd imagine very difficult to get hold of in the UK. LewisD: I was playing a cqb game a while back at one of the woodland sites I go to. They decided they were going to throw a cqb game in without warning so I was playing with a t shirt and and glasses. Although being hit doesn't really hurt I was worried about losing my teeth so I looked at getting a full face set up and noticed you could get a police riot helmet for £20 which led to the inspiration of a police inspired kit. I'm aware it will be bulky (I'm more concerned about heat trap) but I feel like I need an authentic feeling load out now. If I go with a standard black load out then I'm essentially going to have a black version of my woodland load out so I want to build something really bulky and heavy. I'm going to throw an s10 gas mask on under the helmet too just to add to the immersion factor. really appreciate the replies guys, thanks a lot.
  14. I am looking at putting together a cqb load out aim for aesthetics more than anything. One of the aspects I am really struggling with however is the vest. I want a vest that will include a large neck protecter and shoulder pads ect like in the picture. The only vest I've found which others this is a matrix vest but it doesn't hold any plates. This is really a must for me as I wanted to used dummy sappi plates filled with sand for authenticity. Are there any vests out there I am missing? Thanks in advance
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