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  1. Okay so I have a mancraft hpa kit for my vsr but the regulator leaks when I pressurised it. Its coming from the red connector where the line feeds into the regulator. You can see the black line turn white where its cooling so much. Does anyone know if I can repair this or if not where can I get the spare part. I've had no luck with the mancraft website. Thanks in advance.
  2. That paintball player is ridiculously lucky! As part of my course we had to do loads of case studies given to us by the HSE where we just did an essay on what they did wrong and what should be in place to stop it. They would use real case study's to scare us and believe me, people have died from a lot less! We had a teacher who worked with the pneumatics at Bristol airport I think he said where they have massive tunnels under the airport to service the pneumatic and hydraulic pipes that supply the hangers. He always used to tell a story of someone knocking over a cylinder that was about 5 for
  3. The issue is a lot of players don't really understand pressure vessels. They are just like the c02 bottles and green gas so will just hiss a little. They wont burst because they are made of metal. I don't think the average hpa player really understands the danger of pressure vessels as a lot don't really know what they are or what they are capable of. They certainly aren't toys.
  4. Just wanna throw it out there, as someone who has studied hydraulics and pneumatics and spend a lot of time working with them, if that small one goes off bang either on tour gun, in your rig or under your bed you are going to die, itlllitterly tear you apart and even if it doesn't, the sudden spike in air pressure will probably kill you. Regardless of if its exempt from hydro tests or not I would not compress it with anything that doesn't have an air drier or cooler and I'd replace it every two years minimum. A lot of people get very seriously injured and many have died as a result if poorly m
  5. Tbh, I don't think a stock pouch would do the trick as it's so big. Scope mount is going to be the way forward I think. It's not that bigger issue as I've got access to a pretty good 3D printer as a "work perk". I did find a picture of the set up I'm after but I cant for the life of me find it again. I don't suppose anyone can think of the one I mean?
  6. So doing a generic vsr hpa build which I have to use the hpa bottles on for site reasons. Question is has anyone seen the bottles secured to the rifle in any fashion? I'm thinking of making up a mount to hold it parallel to the scope maybe? Any thoughts are welcome.
  7. 30 gas mags! That's probably worth more than the average mortgage! So in terms of keeping gas in them, I'm assuming that's only a little bit?
  8. What are the mags like for the g36? I hear gas mags can be really temperamental on some guns as in seals blowing etc.
  9. Wow, that's actually really impressive stuff, how do they perform during winter?
  10. So are the cheap Taiwangun gbbs actually worth a look? I'm really bothered to much by range as I play mostly up close. I've played with ICS rifles and a done up G&G and by far the best fun I've had was with a cheap mp5 aeg! It comes down to how to apply it I guess.
  11. I know this has probably been done before but there's been a few new gbb rifles released so I guess the old threads may be outdated by now. Ive got two questions real, What's the absolute cheapest way for someone to get into gbb rifles, not interested in are they bad or not, simply the absolute cheapest skirmishable rifles. The second question is what would make a good entry level rifle, good performance out the box, minimal work required and lots of relevant info online regarding upgrades and common fixes?
  12. Tbh, I've only every used the green gas they do which was fine, it's almost certainly a brand but I've heard good things about the m4s they do?
  13. What's the thoughts on the newish nuprol shotguns, Sierra storm I think is the name of the range. I love that they have gone with loads of variants with different stocks and combinations of rail set ups. It means there will be a style for everyone but upgrades in the future will be no proprietary between them, definitely a step in the right direction imo but what do you guys think?
  14. I've already had a look but there doesn't seem to be that much and everything seems to be pretty vague
  15. So I'm looking at picking up a cyma P90 as the title suggests. Is it worth the money?? I'm gonna be putting a new motor in it so is the gear box up to it? Ideally I'd like to hear from people with experience rather than straight up cyma hate but equally I'd like to know if it's a bad gun before I buy it. Anything really is appreciated if course
  16. Great response guys! I just wish there were more people at my field who ran smgs, I'm a bit bored of the whole m4 thing tbh. Great to see there's still some smgs out there.
  17. I've got an mp5 and looking at picking up a crate of mags pretty soon but can't decide how I'm gonna hold it all so i guess your all gonna have to show me the rig set ups you run. I'm stuck between a belt or chest rig. All ideas are welcome.
  18. Okay, so I've got a b&t mp5 (pretty sure it's a rebrand of the ash, if anyone could confirm that?) Which I want to get the flashlight handguard for. Issue is the current one is tight with the smallest nimh battery I can find so it looks like it's gonna be a lipo job. I don't plan on putting a powerful battery in but I'm still pretty sure it'll need a mosfet. So my question is how do i install one? And as a bonus, I'd like one which will need or stop working when the battery gets low if anyone would be kind enough to recommend?? Many thanks in advance.
  19. Right... so what your saying is its probably rebadged asg rifle?
  20. Yeah, I've played a game with it already and loved it. I just really lacked in range and I've put a much stronger motor in it as the original was really sluggish. Also rhe battery space is ridiculously tight so need to run a mini lipo really. No, its b&t My main concern is I've put a bigger motor in whichis crazy powerful, halfed the trigger response and then some but I'm paranoid its going to strip the gears. Id rather not send it away. I work as a mechanical engineer so I'm confidant I can learn to do it but the flipside to that is ive got no experi
  21. So I have a b&t sportline mp5 that I'm looking to upgrade. I understand there were better choices but i dont exactly have the funds to go back. My question is will any v2 gear box fit in it? I know they are used in m4s but are these directly compatible or are there suitable differences?
  22. Awesome, I'll give it a go. Thanks a lot for your help man, appreciate it
  23. So how do I stop the half cycle issue? This is the only gun I've had this issue with.
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