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Conversion of UK1R Long to UK1R Short (old version)

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Currently i have a UK1R (ICS-260), short version, Recently i got a long version on the forum (ICS-261)

So i wanted to also make it shorter, so both are the same....well hopefully....but liek most things it may sit unfinished on a bench!

so from my understanding here

https://www.fire-support.co.uk/controlpanel/shoppics/file/ICS-CXP-UK1 RW.pdf


Its just a shorter barrel (inner and outer?) and RIS Handguard i would only need change?








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yes exactly right





If you also get this you can completely switch between the long and carbine version, can use separate upper gearbox also if you so wish




Obviously would also require a shorter inner barrel. But if you also got a new hopup unit you would have 2 complete upper recievers depending how you wanna play.  I was planning on doing this and making a 3rd for the cxp captain size before selling it to you.

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cheers, ooh and thanks for the parcel :)


Tempted with upper set, make it easier as 'plug and play' 

might look at captain bits as well as could be fun 

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