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CM.040K Dissasembly

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Hey Guys/Gals,


I was recently told at an event, after having issues with my CM.040k that I could disassemble it through some simple steps:

- Remove the grip

- Remove the top cover

- Remove the Fire Selector

- This should allow the gearbox and hop-up to be removable


Unfortunately, this doesn't appear to be the case so I'd like to just check with you guys what the correct procedure would be on this 'rifle'? I have attempted to remove more screws and other various obstructions. Any ideas or owners that actually know the full disassembly?


Cheers in advance


P.s The reason I want to do this is to inspect my hop up. It appears I'm missing ( I can see by looking into the mag-well) the hop-up/barrel clip and this is causing sporadic FPS issues. I can put it in without disassembly but I want to make sure nothing else is missing.

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Hey, man.

Didn't know about the "two style" thing. Looks like I was one step away from success then!


Apologies if it really does turn out to be this solution; seems I didn't really need to make a post.

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Perfect. Looks like I was removing another part next to the hop up before and not the plastic stopper. Only issue is that I need to work out how the fire selector goes back together but I'm sure that's another video I can find myself.



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