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Airsoft sites in West midlands

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Pretty much what it says in the title. Looking for some new airsoft sites that are UKARA registered based in the West Midlands.

Anyone got any recommendations? 

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Frontier Airsoft (Penkridge) - Highly Recommended.

West Midlands Airsoft (Stoke X2, plus Birmingham and a new one coming in a decommissioned nuclear power station - no joke) - Highly Recommended.

Hilton Park Airsoft (run by the JD Airsoft people) - Recommended, but JD is not what it once was.

Fireball Airsoft (By Bassett's Pole) - It's there as an option but I cannot recommend. 10 years ago I took a vow I would never go back after I found them (the Fireball site team and player Marshalls) to be low dirty cheats.

Ace Airsoft (Cosford - they are also running the Airsoft at Swynnerton MOD site as part of the annual Paintball big game in May) - Never played with.


All do UKARA as far as I know.





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